Wax hair removal VS Sugaring

Wax hair removal VS Sugaring

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When we come to a waxing salon, you sometimes faced with the choice of making sugaring or waxing hair removal. We will tell you about the pros and cons of each.

Wax hair removal


1. The procedure is done faster, because the treated skin surface is much larger.

2. After waxing, the skin is flawlessly clean: the wax perfectly captures even the shortest hairs, removing them from the root. In addition, wax removes the top layer of the skin cells.

3. Wax hair removal could be cheaper than sugar hair removal. But prices defers from place to place and it could the other way around.



1. Less painful procedure than wax hair removal

2. After sugaring, there are practically no ingrown hairs: when removed in the direction of growth, the hairs are pulled out together with the bulb – without kinks at the surface.

3. The composition of the paste for sugaring contains only natural ingredients. The likelihood of allergies or irritation after the procedure is negligible.


Sugaring is a procedure that perfectly copes with the removal of body hair. But beauty is not just a smooth skin – irritation after sugaring, which haunts every fourth visitor to salons, can completely ruin the whole impression of the procedure.
Usually, women with delicate skin suffer from skin irritation after hair removal. It can be in the form of red dots, and sometimes pimples. This is hardly good news. Especially if you did bikini sugaring before an important date or meeting.

Someone has this redness, someone has hives, someone has a rash in the form of small white pimples. The main reasons for that could be:
1. Irritation after hair removal may appear if you have too sensitive, delicate skin. It can be redness of varying intensity or a histamine reaction of the body in the form of white small pimples.
2. After the procedure, the top layer of the skin is damaged and there are microscopic abrasions on it.
3. Your skin becomes moist after the procedure. For example, after sugaring you put on synthetic clothes and sweat appeared on your body. This is a sure sign that irritation is bound to happen.
4. Failure to comply with the recommendations (touched the skin with dirty hands, went to the gym, sunbathed in the sun or in a solarium, put on synthetics or applied cosmetics).

Useful advice
How to avoid irritation after hair removal? A few days before the start of the procedure, moisturize and soften those areas of the skin where hair removal will be carried out. Take a regular bath and treat problem areas on your skin with an antiseptic. These simple steps will help you get rid of any irritation that may arise.