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5 tips to suffer less with waxing

5 tips to suffer less with waxing

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After waxing, avoid wearing tight clothing and irritating products, as the skin is more sensitive and you may experience discomfort. Remember to hydrate properly, both outside and inside

They say that “to be beautiful, you have to see stars” and if you reached this note it is because you have surely experienced terrible pain when waxing. We know how painful it can be to deal with wax, laser or thread from time to time. Therefore, we will give you 5 tips to suffer less with waxing.

Yes, it is possible to wax and feel very little pain ! Don’t let your waxing sessions be a horrible thing to endure. Keep your skin healthy and pain free with these 5 simple tips that we will give you.

How to suffer less with waxing hair removal

1. Exfoliate the area to be waxed
The dead cells are typically stored in the skin. You can get rid of them with creams or exfoliating products. Ideally, do a gentle exfoliation before and after each waxing to keep your skin free of impurities. We highlight the importance of gentle exfoliation, nothing that mistreats your skin.

If you don’t want to subject your skin to any product or fragrance before waxing, you can also use a sponge or scrubber. When bathing, gently rub the area to be waxed.

This way, the skin better absorbs the depilatory treatment of your choice. In the case of wax, it can adhere more easily to the skin, and it will be possible to extract more hairs from the roots without so much pain.

If you choose to get laser hair removal, be sure not to mistreat your skin while exfoliating it because waxing an irritated area will be terrible and the pain will be greater. Remember that the premise is always to take care of your skin.

Two or three days after each waxing, it is recommended to exfoliate the area to avoid ingrown hairs. Do it very gently because your skin will remain sensitive.

2. Hydrate
Keeping the skin hydrated is always essential. Therefore, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, drinking water is very important even before waxing! You should also hydrate the area that you are going to wax with creams or oils.

Use moisturizing creams rich in vitamin E. You can also apply 2 or 3 times a week a little almond oil. This will soften and hydrate your skin and, of course, make it look healthier and more beautiful. With the skin well hydrated, it will be easier for the hairs to come out, and thus, the pain will be reduced.

3. Take a hot bath
When we say “hot” we don’t mean too hot! To suffer less with waxing, try taking a shower with warm or slightly hot water before the session. This will open up your pores and make hair removal easier. Remember that it should not be too hot, we do not want your skin to be irritated and more sensitive.

You can also ask your waxing specialist to apply hot water compresses to the area to open the pores. With this, you will surely be able to suffer less with the process, your discomfort will be less and quite bearable.

4. Avoid waxing in your days
That’s how it is! Your menstrual cycle also plays a role in feeling pain. During your period and the days before, your body will be all hormones, so you will be more sensitive in every way. The hormonal change that you experience every 28 days physically and psychologically influences everything you do.

You will feel more pain because your skin will be more sensitive. Your pain threshold or ability to withstand painful stimuli will be reduced due to the emotional changes that you also experience during menstruation. Waxing on those days is a terrible idea.

5. Breathe
When feeling pain, dizziness, or discomfort, the first thing they tell you is: “breathe”? Even if you sometimes feel like it doesn’t work, it’s true! Deep breathing is one of the best therapies to cope with pain.

Before and during your session, focus on taking deep breaths through your nose. Do not hold your breath, as this could intensify the pain due to the body being loaded with stress. You just have to concentrate and you will see that your ability to bear the pain will be greater. You are in control of your body.

Don’t give up on your beauty routines for the pain. Waxing doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you take these tips into account. Try them for your next session and you will see that suffering less with waxing is possible.