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Sugaring: hair removal with sugar

Sugaring: hair removal with sugar

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Sugaring or sugar wax is ideal for pulling out short hair. It is less painful than conventional wax and as durable as this one.

An alternative to traditional waxing, creams, or machine hair removal is sugar removal. Yes, with sugar, and it’s known as “sugaring.”

You only need sugar and lemon, so you can prepare this mixture at home and in a very simple way.


What is hair removal with sugar or “Sugaring“?

Sugar waxing is a method used for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt and other eastern countries .

The method is similar to that of wax , but it has even more advantages, as we will explain

In some countries they sell sugar paste ready, although it is so simple that we should learn to prepare it ourselves.

What do we need?

The only ingredients you need are:

2 cups of sugar
The juice of 1 yellow lemon
Water (we only need it in case the lemon juice is not enough)

How do we prepare the mixture?

We will put the juice of a lemon and the two cups of sugar in a saucepan or medium pot.
The juice must completely cover the powder, otherwise we will have to add a little water until it covers it.
We will heat this mixture over medium-high heat, stirring with a wooden spoon until the sugar has completely dissolved. If we have a kitchen thermometer we can check that the mixture reaches 115 degrees Celsius.
When it starts to boil we will lower the heat quite a bit and wait for a thicker and stickier but more manageable paste to be made, with a soft golden color, as if it were honey. If it has a dark color, it may have burned us and we will have to do it again. In no case will we let it boil over high heat for more than a minute.

We will remove from the heat and let it cool.
We already have our sugar wax ready.

How do we apply it?

Optionally we can perform an exfoliation before waxing, although this is not recommended if we have very sensitive skin.

On the other hand, so that the sugar wax does not adhere too much to the skin, we can put a little talcum powder in the area to be waxed.

We will clean and dry the area that we are going to depilate well so that the sugar wax does not have problems sticking.
We will wash our hands well and, optionally, we will anoint them with a little oil.

We will take a little wax and smear it in the opposite direction to hair growth. For example, if we apply it on the legs, as the hair grows from the top down, the wax will be applied from the bottom up.
If we notice that the wax is very thick, this is the time to warm it up a bit.
We will distribute the wax well so that it is a thin layer and without waiting, we will pull it in the opposite direction, that is, in the direction of hair growth (if we do the legs it will be from top to bottom).
It will help us to tighten the skin a little with the help of the other hand.
Next, the same paste, which peels off easily, we will spread it in another area and repeat the process.
At the end, we will apply a little moisturizer or aloe vera gel to calm the skin. If there are remains of the wax, we will wash with warm water.


Advantages of sugar hair removal

  • It is economical, since we only need sugar and lemon.
  • As durable as wax.
  • Sugaring is less painful than wax.
  • It also works for very short hair.
  • Sugaring is used at room temperature.
  • It also helps us to eliminate dead skin cells and to enhance their regeneration.
  • Sugaring does not contain artificial substances.
  • Sugaring can be used anywhere on the body.

Do you dare to try it?