Pain relief in permanent makeup

Pain relief in permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

The permanent makeup procedure is considered a micro-operation, during which, one way or another, there is a violation of the integrity of the skin, which is necessarily associated with pain. Of course, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the area of ​​exposure, but the pain still cannot be avoided. Therefore, permanent makeup is done under local anaesthesia. Moreover, in addition to traditional injections, more gentle methods are practised – various creams, gels, sprays, etc.
What are better injections or anaesthetic creams?

The debate about which method of pain relief is the best has been going on for a long time. Some masters choose only injections, claiming that they give the most lasting effect. However, the injection itself causes pain and after its application, hematomas may appear on the face, moreover, in order to make the injection correctly without risking the life and health of the client, it is necessary to have special medical education. Others, on the other hand, prefer all kinds of creams and gels that are easy to use.
Most popular drugs

So, one of the most popular drugs is the cream with anaesthetic effect “EMLA”. It is applied under cling film 30 minutes before the start of the procedure. The effect of the cream lasts for half an hour. When using such a remedy, it is necessary to strictly observe precautions, namely, to prevent it from getting into the eyes, especially for tattooing eyebrows or eyelids. If nevertheless, this happens, it is necessary to immediately rinse them with water or saline.
In addition to the Elma cream, a solution of Lidocaine or cream based on it, for example, M36, is very popular among anaesthetics. It is ideal for pain relief of the eyelids. Unlike Elma, it has a longer effect (up to 40 minutes), since it has a higher concentration of anaesthetic substances. And its dense consistency prevents it from spreading and accidental contact with the eyes.

Thus, anaesthesia with permanent makeup plays an important role in how the procedure will go. So that the use of this or that drug does not bring any trouble to the patient, it is important to carefully select it, check for an allergic reaction, etc. I use only certified products, so I guarantee the safety of all manipulations.