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Eyebrow tattoo aftercare

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare

eyebrow tattoo

The Microblading is a modern cosmetic tattoo treatment that involves implanting pigment level epidermis (surface level) which gives volume and compaction eyebrows. Also known as hair eyebrows, the microblading has become a revolutionary cosmetic procedure for which many celebrities enhance its beauty every day. Conceived, essentially, to trace and fill the shape of the eyebrow, give it volume, and even change its tone, microblading provides a naturalness within the reach of few procedures.

However, and although it is an aesthetic process that does not generate too many difficulties when applied, it requires recommended pre and post treatment care that will help the result to be as natural and detailed as possible. Especially, post-procedure care will be of vital importance since the correct fixation and completion of the treatment will depend on them. The care has a direct impact on the effectiveness and duration of the treatment since it is at that moment when the pigment has to be marked and fixed permanently.
What does permanent and semi-permanent mean?

Many people who have microblading eyebrow tattoo wonder why this treatment is known as a semi-permanent makeup technique. This only means that the treatment is carried out at the superficial level, at the level of the epidermis. On the other hand, micropigmentation is known as permanent eyebrow treatment since this procedure is carried out at the level of the dermis , a layer deeper than the epidermis.

That is to say, the depth at which it is worked can have an impact on a lesser or greater durability and fixation. While it is true that this may be the case, microblading provides a greater naturalness than micropigmentation due, among other factors, to the use of denser and more compact pigments compared to micropigmentation.

In addition, on the other hand, a series of factors will have to be taken into account that will affect the correct fixation and completion of the treatment, to highlight, a correct and adequate depth of work, the type of skin that is being worked and a series of cares pre and post treatment essential for a quality result.


Sometimes, the application of these necessary cares is not complied with correctly so that our treatment is applied and finished correctly. If the pertinent recommendations are not adequately carried out after microblading, a poor and unsatisfactory effect will generally be seen. This can be observed, among others, in the rapid loss of pigment after a few days or the loss of colour in the eyebrow.

Therefore, it is recommended that, even two hours after the process, the proper aftercare should be applied so that the microblading finishes being implanted correctly.

It is very important to comply, to a greater extent, with post -treatment care to achieve optimal results and avoid a bad finish in the treatment. The care to take into account after treatment are the following:

Do not touch. Do not touch the recently worked area with your fingers as external agents can get into our skin, whether they are bacteria or some type of substance that causes allergy or irritation in the area. Likewise, it is advisable not to scratch, not rub hard, not put on makeup, at least, the first 10 days after the implantation of the treatment.

Help the correct regeneration of the skin. It is one of the most important steps to take into account in post-treatment care. It is convenient, so that the treatment finishes fixing correctly and settles, apply a thin layer of some post-treatment cream in order not to irritate the worked area, help to fix and not dry out the skin. We recommend creams like Bepanthol, among others. The first process of rinsing and applying the post-treatment cream should be carried out 30 minutes after the treatment. During the day, it is convenient that this same process be applied 4 or 5 times.

Keep the area clean and open to the air. It is important that, after the treatment, the area is free for the healing process to run its course. For this, it is vital not to cover the worked area so as not to come into contact with external agents that could contaminate the newly exposed area. In addition, the oxygen in the air helps the healing process to be faster and better.

Avoid crusting. When microblading eyebrow tattoo is performed superficially on the skin, scabs can prevent the pigment from setting properly. So that scabs do not form, it is important to clean the lymphatic fluid. It is the liquid that comes out of the eyebrows that looks like sweat. By cleaning it, you prevent a crust from forming and, therefore, that the pigment can fix correctly. In the case of crusts, it is important not to tear them off, but rather that they fall off by themselves so that the treatment cannot be damaged.

Do not expose yourself to water. Being in contact with water prevents the pigment from setting properly, so it should be avoided. Above all, chlorinated water after the first days after the treatment: swimming pools, Jacuzzi, etc … In exceptional cases, after the treatment, to clean the exposed area, you can use a little mineral water to clean and dry the area with disposable paper. Tapping, without dragging.

Not to expose to sun radiation. As we indicated for water, the sun can dry out the recently worked area if we expose ourselves to it directly. In summer, in beach areas, the humidity and dryness of the environment, for example, causes the skin to dry out, and we run the risk that the treatment is not well fixed.

Daily care. Taking care of the treated area after cosmetic tattoo every day by applying alcohol-free wipes that clean and maintain moisture is good for the evolution of the procedure. At first, the tattoo will lighten. After weeks and following the relevant care, the final colour will appear. Whenever you clean it, it is important not to drag or rub with force but with gentle touches.

Sweating It is advisable not to go to saunas in the first week, at least, after the treatment. A high level of sweating will degrade the colour of the pigment.

Excess of sport . Volume exercises generate sweat that affects the area worked in question, the fixation of the pigment and, therefore, the correct completion of the treatment could be affected.

Retouching session . It is important that, a month after having performed the treatment, the technician assesses the evolution of the same, citing you for a touch-up session in which the evolution process of the applied treatment can be observed.

Result. The final result can be seen after 6-8 weeks. After this period, the ideal eyebrow colour can be seen.

In microblading eyebrow tattoo aftercare is essential for the treatment results to be adequate. A correct application of the hair-to-hair treatment will depend, to a greater or lesser extent, on these factors: proper technique, post-treatment care, and assimilation of the patient’s body. Taking these factors into account, the results can reach the quality we want, allowing us to obtain reliable, affordable and fast results in a very short time.