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Permanent lip tattoo in Perth

Permanent lip tattoo in Perth

Lip tattoo Perth

More and more women are thinking about permanent lip tattoo in Perth. The result of this procedure mimics natural makeup, which saves time on daily makeup, and emphasises the natural beauty of the lips.

Permanent lip tattoo in Perth – varieties and features

Today, cosmetology offers four types of lip tattooing in Perth:

1. Outline

Option for owners of the correct lip shape. The shade of the pigment is usually selected from a pastel palette.

2. Feathering

A combination of natural and dark shades is used to achieve both a clear and blurred effect. To obtain a natural volume, blend with a dark dye. Without shading, the contour maintains clear boundaries and resembles an eyeliner with a cosmetic pencil.

3. Filling

The full filling technique will allow you to change the colour of the lips and visually enlarge them.

4. 3D

This lip tattoo procedure is difficult to perform, but aesthetically, the results exceed expectations. The process consists of filling the area with the upper or lower lip with dye, followed by drawing a light outline. Which ultimately creates additional volume.

Lip tattooing is performed using local anesthesia to make the process painless. The duration of the session reaches three hours, and for the most natural result, 2-3 procedures will be required.

Benefits of permanent makeup

• Time savings are achieved thanks to a high-quality tattoo. After all, lip makeup is not such a quick procedure as it might seem at first glance, and requires drawing a symmetrical contour and even applying lipstick, which takes a lot of effort. Permanent makeup will save you a couple of minutes by eliminating the need to perform these steps on a regular basis.

• Achieving volume is possible without the intervention of a plastic surgeon, a visual increase with the help of permanent makeup is sufficient.

• The choice provided by modern cosmetology will allow each girl to choose a method of permanent makeup to her taste while maintaining her individuality. An experienced master will help you make a choice and highlight the features of the face.

• A lasting result is also an advantage because a well-done work will delight the effect for up to three years.

Cons of permanent lip tattoo in Perth

And although this tattooing technique is gaining more and more love among women striving for the perfect appearance, it also has drawbacks.

• For the result to appear, it will take time for the lip tissue to regenerate after the intervention. So, the first result can be assessed only a month after the procedure, this is how long it will take to restore the skin.

• As the pigment is injected under the skin, affecting the outer layers, the body’s environment undergoes changes that require lip care after permanent makeup.

• Lovers of frequent change of image may get bored with the monotonous look of the lips because permanent makeup over time will begin to seem mundane. In this case, it is better to choose a procedure with a short-term effect.

• Since the pigment tends to fade over time, it is necessary to carry out regular corrections to maintain rich colour and a clear lip shape.

Contraindications for lip tattoo in Perth

Whether to do lip tattooing is a decision that each girl makes on her own, but you should not blindly chase fashion and remember the possible negative consequences of the procedure if the rules are not followed. It is important to make sure of both the experience of the master and the quality of the tool used, which must be disinfected. Also, we must not forget about possible contraindications – in the presence of malignant tumors, HIV infection, SARS, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, tattooing will have to be abandoned.

High-quality work with proper follow-up care will certainly delight you with the result for more than one year. Permanent makeup will give your lips a seductive volume that will make them an object of admiration. Order a free online consultation and get a personal discount on your first procedure.