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Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo

The decision to make an eyebrow tattoo should not be rushed, because after all, permanent makeup remains with us for a long time. The shape must then fit perfectly to the face. You should pay attention to that.

Superior Eyebrows

The eyebrows really give expression to a face. In recent years, they have become a factor in beauty , which the industry has also discovered for themselves.

Eyebrow styling palettes, prep showers, powders, applicators, pens, growth serums – they encourage us to style our brows in top shape. If you are tired of painting and styling your eyebrows on a daily basis, consider an eyebrow tattoo. A good alternative for makeup?

Eyebrow Tattoo How It Works

The classic form of eyebrow tattoo is applied to a beautician using a pigmentation machine. This is a form of permanent makeup where the color lasts for about a year and a half and then slowly fades away.

Hair to Hair Eyebrow Tattoo

Unlike normal tattoos, ‘ microblading is a tattoo art form where pigment is implanted under the skin with a hand tool rather than a machine.

I drew hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic the natural hairs of your eyebrows. Although it is not as deep as the normal tattoo, it is still a tattoo because the pigment is implanted under the skin

Eyebrow Tattoo Risks

The basic risks associated with tattooing can also occur when stinging an eyebrow tattoo.
In addition to infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or HIV, it can cause scars on the skin. Finally, the fine points leave wounds on the skin.

Color can trigger allergic reactions

Since the needles are placed manually by the esthetician, errors in placement can naturally occur, the result is asymmetrical or brittle lines.

Problem: the color of the eyebrow. The color result is not natural. Tattoo colors can have different effects, as some skin colors are very intense, others are less visible.

The metabolism of the skin and the structure of the skin play an important role. A good esthetician can appreciate that.

Before tattooing, the shape must be clear! You should discuss this exactly with the esthetician. The pigmenter first records the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil. Take time for this step!

Prep Tip: Do not take any blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin, before the procedure, or drink coffee or alcohol. This could increase bleeding and misrepresent the desired color result.

Does Eyebrow Tattoo Hurts?

The pigments are applied to the skin under local anesthesia with a very fine needle. During treatment, so there should be no pain, stitches are usually felt in the skin rather than tingling.

After pigmentation , swelling may occur, but it will dissipate relatively quickly due to cooling. An arnica cream can help heal wounds.

You can also store them in the fridge, so applying to the swelling is especially nice. There are even special tattoo care products that soothe the skin with panthenol, allantoin, and bisabolol.

Make sure that these lotions and ointments are free of perfume, preservatives, microplastics, etc., because injured skin can react with inflammation.

Is microblading the perfect alternative to a conventional eyebrow tattoo?

When microblading fine needles aligned above (blades) are used to trace the hairs. The beautician can apply the needles individually, so that the result is completely natural.

Small gaps in the outer brow can also be filled. Since microblading is a form of permanent makeup that penetrates only the upper layers of the skin, the color lasts for about a year.

The even gentler variant is called microshading, in which only tiny dots are picked between the hair roots and filled in with paint.

Advantage: the skin is not as burdened by minor injuries and the risk of scarring is lower.

Eyebrow tattoo

Hygiene when tattooing

In a permanent makeup treatment for the pigmentation of the skin with the best lymphatic orifices and blood.

Pigmentation device disinfection and high-quality devices are extremely important, so infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV are not transmitted.

Anyone who decides on an eyebrow tattoo should only have this done by a certified aesthetician.

Costs of an eyebrow tattoo

The costs of an eyebrow tattoo are between 300-800 euros depending on the effort. Usually two or three appointments are necessary for permanent makeup to be successful. Often, shortly after treatment, the colors are still too strong, too weak, or uneven. After 3 weeks you can see the final result.

Tips on eyebrows

Finding the Right Shape: If you are still looking for the right shape for your brows, you can work with stencils. With our tricks, eyebrow waxing is not painful: who, however, has plucked, can correct our eyebrows with our beauty tips.

First attempt: dye the eyebrows. A permanent makeup should be well considered. The eyebrow color for coloring is available at the pharmacy. With a little practice and the exact observance of the exposure time, you can achieve excellent results that last a few weeks.

Even the beautician or hairdresser offers the tint of the eyebrows. Advantage: the color can be adjusted more individually than the color of the pharmacy eyebrow.

Eyebrow Tint VS Permanent Makeup

Without well defined, plucked and perfectly colored brows, nothing works today! Well-groomed and defined brows make your eyes sparkle and give your face a charming frame.

But how do we get the perfect eyebrows? While some use a pencil or gel daily, others choose a more permanent solution. We will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing eyebrows at the hairdresser or permanent makeup at the cosmetics institute.

What do I need to dye my eyebrows?

Most importantly first: to tint your eyebrows, you need a special eyebrow color. Conventional hair color cream is not suitable! The color of the eyebrows that you get today in each pharmacy.

However, for optimal results, you should opt for a high-quality product that you can buy from your hairdresser or specialist hairdresser store.

The Advantage: The professional can tell you exactly which color is best for your hair and skin tone. In addition to brow color and developer liquid, you need the following:

Cotton pads and sticks
Small jar to mix the ingredients.
Vaseline or other high-fat cream
Small brow brush for applying paint (also possible: clean old mascara brush)

How to correctly dye the eyebrows?

To dye your brows, work fast: the longer the color and developer liquid mix and the longer the mixture is on your brows, the darker the color will be.

So when you start, everything should be at your fingertips, so you can get to work quickly. When tinting the eyebrows, proceed as follows:

Skin protection: Protect it with petroleum jelly so that the skin around the eyebrows does not stain.
Prepare the eyebrows: dip a cotton swab in the saline solution and degrease the eyebrows to better absorb the color.
Mix Color – Mix brow color 1: 1 with developer solution.
Apply Color: Apply the color evenly in the growth direction with the brow brush on the brows.
Fit: For best results, you can re-tighten the shape with a slightly damp cotton swab and remove excess paint.
Exposure time: the lighter the eyebrows and skin type, the shorter the exposure time. The first time you try it, it lasts three minutes, which you may want to extend next time.
Remove: To remove the color, use a damp cotton ball.

Pluck the eyebrows properly

Many women rub their eyebrows before turning to color – a mistake! If you bite your eyebrows before coloring them, it can happen that the color particles are visibly deposited in the open pores of the skin.

This can also lead to allergic reactions, such as redness and swelling. So it means: first tint, then tear off!

Tip for the perfect shape: oval and oval faces are perfectly underlined by rather flat brows, while round faces benefit from curved brows.

If you have a bold, square-edged face, slightly pointed eyebrows refine your facial features, while heart-shaped faces with round eyebrows look thinner and narrower.
Eyebrow tint to the barber: what good is it?

Beginners almost always make the mistake of choosing too dark a color or letting the mixture work for too long. This is not dramatic, but it does mean that you are walking around the face for at least three weeks with two black bars.

If you color your eyebrows at the salon, you can be sure that he or she will choose the correct shade and know how long the mixture should have the maximum effect.

Hair tinting also has the advantage that you can pluck the brows directly into the perfect shape, for a small additional charge.
How much tint in the eyebrows?

Coloring the eyebrows at the salon is usually inexpensive. In most beauty salons you pay between 5 and 10 euros. Often times, a full eye style (lash and brow tint + brow waxing) is offered for less than 20 euros. The color usually lasts three to four weeks.

Permanent makeup

Perfect eyebrows thanks to permanent makeup. If you don’t care about styling your brows on a daily or monthly basis, permanent makeup can be a sensible alternative.

A permanent makeup for eyebrows is especially suitable for women who naturally have very few thin or very light eyebrows and in whom also the coloring of the eyebrows does not achieve the desired beauty effect, because there are very few coloring hairs available.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a cosmetic form of tattoo that optimally emphasizes the eyebrows. A distinction is made in permanent makeup between a complete redesign and the optical filling of individual hairs.

During most permanent makeup treatments, the desired shape is first painted onto the eyebrows with a pencil. Subsequently, the superfluous hairs are removed. Finally, the eyebrows are pigmented by incorporating the permanent makeup in the upper layer of the skin.

The pigmentation is not painless, however there is a local anesthetic for a corresponding numbing gel beforehand. Later, if necessary, it is reworked. Permanent eyebrow makeup can only be used by certified professionals.

How expensive is permanent eyebrow makeup?

Permanent makeup costs range from around € 100 to € 700, depending on the shape and effort, but a single session is usually not enough to achieve a perfectly defined, permanent result.

For this reason, after a few weeks, usually a subsequent treatment, as the permanent color of the eyebrow of the skin is often not 100% accepted the first time.

However, the benefits of permanent makeup compared to dyeing the eyebrows are obvious: the color lasts around 1.5 years and should not be updated until this time has elapsed, so there is no need for permanent dyeing. .