Preparation for lip tattoo and tattoo procedure

Preparation for lip tattoo and tattoo procedure

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There are several rules that will help you prepare well for a lip tattoo:

About a week before the planned procedure, you need to start taking antiviral drugs to prevent herpes infection. During this course, you cannot go to the beach, visit the bathhouse, sauna, and solarium.
The day before the session, you should refuse alcoholic beverages, strong coffee, exclude spicy and salty dishes from the menu. These foods contribute to blood vessel bleeding and prevent the body from absorbing and assimilating pigment.
The date of the procedure should be chosen based on your menstrual cycle. Critical days are not the right time for a tattoo.
Colds and exacerbation of chronic diseases are a good reason to postpone a trip to the salon until you recover or start to feel better.

But before taking the preparatory steps, you need to find a worthy master. Don’t think that such people work only in the most expensive places, and choose according to this criterion. It is better to ask your friends who have already done lip tattooing in your city and were satisfied. Finding the coordinates of a referral specialist is the best option.

The main thing is not to try to get rid of these crusts, otherwise, wounds will appear again. If an infection gets into them, then there will be inflammation, which will have to be treated for a long time. In addition, healthy skin can peel off along with the crusts, then in place of the tiny injection mark there will be a much larger focus of damage, after its healing, a scar will remain.

To avoid complications and not be disappointed with the result of the lip liner tattoo or lip tattoo, it is important to properly care for the injured lip skin:

The first 24 hours after the lip tattoo procedure, you shouldn’t wet and scratch the places where the pigment is applied;
you cannot eat hot food and spicy dishes, you will have to drink through a straw;
to protect the wound from infection, it is necessary to carefully treat the lips 2-3 times a day with “Chlorhexidine”;
for wounds to heal better, it is required to regularly apply a regenerating cream to the skin, for example, “Bepanten”.

Lips with lip tattooing periodically need to touch up. The first one is done 21-28 days after the procedure in order to correct any deficiencies (if any) and to thicken the pigment. In the future, they turn to touch up if they want to update a colour that has lost its saturation. This happens at intervals of 2-3 years.

Tips to help prolong the effect of your lip tattoo

Lip tattooing eliminates the need to use lipstick for several years (from 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the quality of the materials used, individual skin properties, and proper care). Rehabilitation will be faster and more comfortable if you refrain from visiting the bathhouse, sauna, solarium in the first weeks and do not use decorative cosmetics.

By the way, the pigment can fade in the sun, therefore, while on the beach or walking along the street on a sunny day, you need to use special UV protection with an SPF of 30 or higher. Although there are professional pigments (for example, PermaBlend) that are not afraid of UV exposure – they do not fade or fade even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

It is not difficult to make lips juicy and expressive with the help of tattooing in blush lip tattoo technique. The main thing is to correctly prepare for the lip tattoo procedure and correctly follow all the recommendations for aftercare after it. Then you can forget about lipstick for the next couple of years and nevertheless always look great!