Have Perfect Lips 24/7. Lip Blush Tattoo.

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Have Perfect Lips 24/7. Lip Blush Tattoo.

Hi guys! Today is an exciting day, I’m a little nervous. That’s why I’m writing like this, but um I’m tattooing my lips, something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. Technically the real name for it is lip blush tattoo and all it does is it really gives you that like natural pink to your lips and like a very sharp border, so technically you don’t have to wear a lip liner. I’m really nervous. I know that like immediately afterwards and like a few days after it’s like really dark and really like almost red looking tell me that I should bring like two or three lip colours. That I like, so she can kind of match the colour appropriately, so I’m going to try and do this with one hand, but these are the two colours.

I’m bringing basically use these as lipstick and lip liner every day this one is Nyx coffee. I have like not even kidding probably eight of these and this one is Laura mercer fierce the top one is the Nyx coffee liner for a lip tattoo. And the second one is Laura mercer fierce. They’re definitely in the same colour family. Nyx is definitely lighter, but I’m going to bring this to her and just basically have her base off the tone, because as you can see, they’re more like rose woody mauve. Then pink. I’d say. First do it. It can come out really dark almost looking like a red and it stays like that for a little bit until it peels.

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I believe I’ll have her explain the process a little bit more, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. I’m just nervous because these colours are kind of dark. I wouldn’t mind if they were a little bit lighter than this but definitely more on the mauve rosewood side than more like a pinkie red. I’d say another thing is I used to do lip filler a lot. I actually, it’s believe it or not, it’s been over two years since I’ve done lip filler on me. I just have let them go down a little bit. I mean call me crazy, but I’m kind of over the filler phase at least on me.

I feel like I’ve done it for way too long and I kind of like how they’ve gone down. Just in the lips I feel like I’m kind of just over it and enhancing your lip border is something that not only filler can do lip blushing can do to make them look fuller. I know personally before I do anything or honestly buy anything I look up YouTube videos and YouTube reviews.

So, excited I’m nervous but I’m excited let’s see honestly not even going to lie to you first things first Starbucks. Do you know how much money I would save if I didn’t go to Starbucks every day?! I’m sure a lot of people can relate it’s just a bad habit. Okay don’t judge me.

I don’t know why I’m so nervous. If you know me I always search everything and anything on YouTube before I do it and I feel like I didn’t see like that. I mean I saw a lot of lip blushing videos but I don’t know. It’s not you know like when you first do it it’s really dark, so I guess it is a good time to wear a mask. I don’t even think of that. I think I mentioned earlier her name her instagram I think is about face in Brielle, New Jersey. I actually used to work with her a while back. We used to work in cosmetics together, so I’m glad I’m going to her. She’s built this incredible business micro blading eyebrows and lip blushing.

So I’m excited, I’m nervous but excited. Oh man I missed always wanted to see how you were doing and say hi and that’s god it cool down done with this. 

Do I probably look so crazy.

Do you want a mirror? Sure! Won’t be able to stay alright guys so I did it. That was literally the best experience ever. I highly recommend her. I was so nervous and to be honest they’re not even as dark as I thought. They would be peel, which I knew and then they’ll go down to half this colour. So they’re not even going to be this bright. I’m excited to like once they’re healed in about a week, she said that I could put on like a more brown lip liner. Not that I have to, but I’m just used to doing that. I think this colour will look fantastic with like a brown lip liner.

I’m so obsessed this is with absolutely no lip product on. I probably look absolutely insane. My makeup is probably everywhere but that was amazing and it honestly took about like two and a half hours maybe tops. I’m so happy okay? It’s been about I’d say like four hours. And I have nothing on my lips but Aquaphor and this is them. I’m so obsessed. I think that’s an understatement. I have somewhere else to be so I just redid my makeup. I have nothing but Aquaphor on them.

We’ll keep you guys updated, tomorrow before I go to work and we’ll see if they start peeling.

On next morning just because I was running out of the house for work but I wanted to give you guys an update on my lips. They’re starting to look really dry and cracky they’re probably going to peel probably sometime tomorrow, because they’re super dry. Aftercare just because it’s like taking care of a real tattoo that’s on your body so I’ve just been trying to keep my lips super moisturized. Even when wearing a mask today.

So, hey guys so it’s officially day two and I’m getting ready to go out for my friend’s birthday and honestly, they’re a lot lighter. I feel like they’re changing weirdly by the hour. Like this morning they were super dark and then around noon all of a sudden, they just started like peeling out of control. I’ll insert a picture right here. But I feel like tomorrow will probably be the last of them peeling and I have again absolutely nothing on them except for Aquaphor but this is them.