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Hair removal cosmetics – what is it?

All about the cosmetics used for the procedure

One of the main advantages of bio hair removal methods is their availability. Waxing and sugaring can be done even at home, and when it is convenient and necessary for you. It goes without saying that the procedure is impossible without the appropriate cosmetics and devices, which we will talk about today in our article.

What are hair removal cosmetics?

What is it for and how to use it?

The term “cosmetics for hair removal” usually means all those jars, stripes and spatulas that you need during the procedure. As you remember, hair removal (in particular, bio or sugaring hair removal) is a superficial method of hair removal, in which the hair shaft and root are removed, thereby achieving the effect of smooth and silky skin for 3-4 weeks.

When you do hair removal in the salon, the master uses a huge amount of additional cosmetic products that increase the effectiveness and reduce the pain of the bio hair removal procedure. Hair removal cosmetics during a home session perform the same functions. Let’s take a look at what should usually be included in such a “cosmetic bag”:

Means for cleaning and disinfecting the treated area. Oddly enough, judging by the reviews, this item is often skipped during hair removal procedures at home, but in vain. Firstly, wax or sugar paste will not adhere well to untreated skin, which means that the hair removal effect will be worse. Secondly, on non-disinfected skin, there is a high risk of inflammation after the procedure;

Pain relieving creams and sprays. It is no secret that sugaring hair removal procedures are quite painful, therefore, in order to reduce discomfort, local anaesthetics should be used. Most importantly, do not use ice or cold water for pain relief. The fact is that the cold causes narrowing not only of the vessels, but also of the pores in which the hairs are located, therefore, hair removal in this case only becomes more traumatic and painful;

Wax or sugar. The modern market offers a huge number of bio hair removal products to choose from – hot wax in granules, in blisters, in cassettes, sugar in jars, ready-made caramel, sugar strips. Add here also various flavouring additives (chocolate, caramel, strawberry) and get a real Paradise for hair removal!

Sticks or sticks for applying the working mass to the skin. They are made of wood, bamboo, and plastic. The main thing is to take into account the temperature of the finished mixture, however, most often specialists, for example, in salons in Moscow, choose wooden sticks – they are convenient and environmentally friendly;

Hair removal strips or paper. Speciality materials, produced in rolls or individual strips, which are required for waxing with canned wax. The material is durable, environmentally friendly and suitable for use for 5-7 procedures;

Creams, oils or sprays that make it easier to remove sticky residue from the skin after the procedure. It is not so easy to remove the hardened wax from the skin injured after the session, so use special products;

Peelings, scrubs or creams, which should soften the skin immediately after the hair removal procedure and, at least, for the entire next week. This is necessary so that new, weaker hairs grow evenly and do not grow into the skin, causing unpleasant irritation;

Creams that slow down hair growth. Of course, after bio hair removal, your hair will not bother you for another 3-4 weeks, however, using special products, you can well postpone this event for a few more days.

In addition to cosmetics that can help you achieve a high-quality and effective home procedure, you may need special aids. For example, heaters for wax and sugar, baths, wax melters and more.

Modern cosmetology makes waxing and sugaring procedures available. However, remember that only the hands of a master with experience can carry out the procedure as comfortably and effectively as possible. The main thing is to choose professionals.