How often to do bikini sugaring

How often to do bikini sugaring

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Bikini hair removal: how often to do

We study how long the hair removal of the bikini zone is enough

The bikini area is a special area. On the one hand, it is always in sight: the swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, spa are just a few of the times when we have to undress in front of others. On the other hand, this is a rather intimate part of the body, caring for which is an important attribute of personal life. According to modern hygienic standards and concepts of beauty, keeping it in order and in a smooth condition is an obligation not only for girls, but also for men. Nevertheless, some people are still ashamed to speak openly about it.

Zone of increased attention

Oddly enough, there are those who scrape themselves with a razor just because they cannot decide on another method of hair removal. This is partly due to the reviews on the forums, which contain rather contradictory information. In addition, beauty centres and professional hair removal studios, when describing services, of course, only praise their own methods. Finding independent information is sometimes difficult.

The main question that interests everyone who wants to try a new method of hair removal in the intimate area is how long a bikini hair removal is enough. The answer is: everything is individual and primarily depends on the chosen technique.

The general thing here is that each person’s hair will grow at a different rate. It depends on the level of hormones that are responsible for the presence of hair on our body. It is impossible to make diagnoses in absentia; the master can guide you approximately at the first consultation. And you can only understand exactly when the next time to hair removal is done from personal experience.

How often to do hair removal in the bikini?

Let’s take a quick overview of the main methods of hair removal in the bikini area and take the average results for orientation.

Waxing hair removal

The minimum smoothness period is 2 weeks.

Unlike shaving, hair is removed at the root, so it takes time for it to grow to the surface. Some girls extend the “shelf life” of waxing by simply plucking out single growing hairs with tweezers.

Sugaring hair removal

The minimum smoothness period is 2.5-3 weeks.

When sugaring, hairs are also mechanically removed from the root. Unlike waxing, they break out in height, so this hair removal is a little more effective. There is no risk of breaking part of the hair at the base, therefore, there is no such thing that some of them will grow back faster.


The minimum term of smoothness is permanent as old hair is removed and new hair grows.

Electrolysis is perhaps the only method that has come close to actually understanding the word “forever”. Hair destroyed by current is no longer regenerated. However, this is a rather painstaking and lengthy work – the master must kill each hair one by one. It will not be possible to completely clear the zone in one session. And let’s face it, this is an activity for masochists. The bikini reacts quite sensitively even to painless diode hair removal, and even pain relief will not help here.


The minimum smoothing period is 1 month.

In comparison with all other hardware techniques, the course of photoepilation is the longest. You will have to go to the clinic at least 8-10 times, or even more. And after a few years, the procedure will have to be repeated. Suitable only for people with dark hair and fair skin, other options will not be effective. The good news is that this hair removal is very inexpensive.

Elos hair removal

The minimum smoothing period is 1-1.5 months.

Dual energy – radio and light, more effectively remove hair. Suitable for lighter and reddish hair. The course will consist of approximately 6-8 procedures.

Diode laser hair removal

The minimum smoothness period is 1-2.5 months.

Suitable for all hair types on all skin types. Already after the first session, bald patches will appear. To completely remove grown hair from dormant bulbs, you will have to make a laser about 4-6 times. Each time there will be less hair, they will begin to turn into vellus, the interval between procedures will increase.

It should be understood that when we talk about “permanent deletion”, we still mean “deletion for a long time.” It is difficult to predict how your hair will behave. Even after a laser or Elos hair removal, maintenance procedures may be needed 1-2 times a year to remove sparse, sporadic hairs. However, one thing can be 100 percent asserted: there is no ineffective hair removal!