Waxing: the secret of popularity

Waxing: the secret of popularity

waxing vs sugaring

Velvety perfectly smooth skin is the dream of every woman who cares about their appearance and beauty. Therefore, women resort to various methods to remove all unnecessary hairs. And there are a lot of these methods. One of them is bio hair removal.

What is bio hair removal?

Bio hair removal is a type of waxing. Despite the emerging progressive methods of hair removal, waxing remains popular. And this is no wonder:

Firstly, this method is applicable at home;
secondly, this is a fairly budgetary way;
thirdly, this is a method with instant results;
fourthly, the method takes the golden mean in terms of the duration of the effect.

How is the waxing hair removal process going?

As mentioned above, waxing is carried out using wax. At the same time, waxing is distinguished:

cold wax
warm wax
hot wax.

Some cosmetologists also include sugaring (sugar hair removal) in this category. Both ready-made wax strips and wax heated to a certain temperature can be used. You or your master can decide which method is right for you. Warm and hot wax is believed to be more effective and less unpleasant.

Why is waxing not the leader in terms of the effectiveness of hair removal?

The answer is simple. There are several things that leave waxing behind laser and other types of hair removal.

Disadvantages of waxing:

Soreness of the procedure – not everyone can withstand the painful sensations, although, with constant use of the method, the sensitivity is dulled.

When hair removal is carried out, the follicle is not destroyed, so the effect does not have a very long-lasting effect. Although when compared with shaving and using creams, this method wins significantly.

There are certain contraindications: pregnancy, varicose veins, the presence of herpes, wounds and other skin lesions, etc.

Despite the above disadvantages, this method is still quite in demand, thereby offering an alternative to other methods of hair removal.