Lip Blush Tattoo Healing Day by Day.

Lip tattoo

Lip Blush Tattoo Healing Day by Day.

The biggest thing is to trust in the journey and reminding myself, like don't make any judgements on this colour until at least day 30 when we consider it fully healed "

Tina Davies Artist Success Manager, Laura brings you on her Lip Blush journey giving you a day by day healing progress! Check out our latest blog featuring her lip blush healing progress from immediately after, peeling, and fully healed after 30 days

Hi, guys, it is day two after my lip flush (lip tattoo) procedure with Tina. My lips did go down and swelling kind of on their own. I did take something for them and continued icing by about 5 hours after the procedure. They did start feeling less tight less swollen. So, I did my aftercare like Tina said. Gentle washing with a gentle sulfate-free, fragrance-free soap. Put on my aftercare as well as some aqua taught because my lips do feel pretty dry. Put that on before bed. This morning I woke up, and they felt a lot better, however, my upper lip was looking quite swollen. I felt like I had a bit of a deck lip for most of the day.

It is about halfway through the day and I came in here to film this and I noticed that the swelling is actually gone down a lot in my lips, and they had been quite smooth. Up until now. And now I may be a tiny little ridge through my lips. Close enough but the lips there’re some ridges going on through the top and lower lip now. That the swelling has kind of gone down. They’ve gotten a little tighter a little drier. They’re feeling a bit chapped around the outside but still pretty comfortable. For the most part, they just feel tingly to the touch when I touched them and the colour last night it was kind of coral looking.

I found by the end of the evening and today it’s starting to look more of that like kind of movie pink. It’s kind of funny watching the colour change because it’s a completely different colour than what I saw last night. I will continue recording and taking photos. I’m giving you an insight to my healing journey but so far so good.

Hey you guys! I back again. It is day three now after I had my lip tattoo. This is the biggest change I’ve noticed so far since I’ve had it done. I woke up earlier this morning and my lips are feeling very tight very dry. I actually get up out of bed tomorrow and on I’m having to be careful removing my lips in the inner corners when I smile too much. Hurt by yon they’ll crack and it’s kind of stings the lips. Definitely feel like a scab has formed especially across like the top of the lip. Tying it in to show you guys though my lips have gotten pretty dry around the edge and the top and through this inside you can kind of see the lid and it was lifting a little on the one side this morning but all part of the normal healing process. I have been washing them twice a day with my soap to ensure that I’m getting rid of any product build-up and keep them bacteria-free.

I use my team of babies aftercare gel three times a day, and then I put on some aqua touch for hydration. One of the things I love about the Tina Davies aftercare is that it’s got like no scent, there’s no flavour. So, putting it on my lips is completely easy. It’s not one of these ones that just smells like castor oil or like is greasy it anyway. I’m quite thankful that they’re scent free, flavour free when I’m putting them on my lips, but other than that the healing process has been pretty easy. Like eating foods hasn’t been hard.

I was concerned with eating, but just being cautious about teen anything spicy because that will absolutely stick. Other than that, I’ll keep posting you guys alright have a great one.

Hi you guys! It’s low back again. It is now day four in my healing journey and this has been the biggest turning point day. It is absolutely driving me insane I woke up this morning and the scab and then we’re a lot thicker fuller a lot tighter and I can see it starting to split.

It was fine when I left my house. It hadn’t really started lifting yet, it is now, just after lunch and half of its like gone. Is really lifting like some of these are really long and so I may need to take something like a cuticle nipper just to like cut off the extra cuz I’m afraid it’s going to catch on something and I don’t want to pull off more than needs to come off. I have been putting on aquage hat consistently it’s about the only thing saving me right now. This right now it’s really dried out and tight and it feels worse still putting on my Tina Danes after cash out three times a day. Washing it morning and night.

I want to make sure there’s no product build-up building on my lips. But other than that, they didn’t feel like a lot better. Tenderness wise it’s just very tight like it feels like the worst chapped lips of my life but now that the collar is lifting, I’m getting a much better idea for it. Through this process my lips looked red the pink coral, then they started to go to like a dusty pink and then they started to darken into like a reddish kind of rust colour. They’ve kind of gone back to like the dusty kind of MO. It’s been all over the map and seeing the colour coming out underneath it’s a little bit of a dream. It’s this perfect like movie kind of nude which is similar to my lip colour but more intense. Like very pale lips. I know it looks disgusting but it’s such an exciting journey to get to the point of these calypso.

It is Friday, so I won’t have videos for the next two days but when I’m back in offices again on Monday I will promise what my lips are looking like I feel like by end of day today. Most of this is actually going to be gone so I feel like over the weekend will be a huge change. We’ll see how the colour looks on Monday. I’ll be back again.

Guys hi! You guys this is Laura we’re back again. It is now day seven after I have done lip tattoo Perth. I told you guys I would be back on Monday. There wasn’t really much to report on yesterday the past three days were really very much the same. I went through like a second layer peeling after I last talked to you guys and then today it’s another kind of healing going on. Like kind of a continuation just a little bit harder than the past few days. It was almost like tissue paper like the past few days. It’s getting drier almost like when in the winter and you get really dry lips. I can definitely feel it. I feel like if I gotta split at times it is winter as well which is not helping.

I found that the aftercare and the aqua tide alone weren’t enough for hydration so I’ve switched to a really light lip balm as well for hydration. Just tell we get through the day I can get in here they are feeling pretty dry, especially around the top and around the edges but they are pretty good. Otherwise the colour is continuing to change it lightened up at one point when they were peeling and then I felt like the colour was starting to darken over the weekend. it feels a little lighter and more natural again today. I will keep updating you guys. Overall, almost back on top and back to myself again so I’ll be back again yes.

Hi you guys. I’m back again it is now day 21. The past few like I guess weeks, days, since my last recording haven’t been too bad there was a bit of a thin layer of healing that was going on. I know last time I spoke that there was a bit of dryness and that it is winter it is February but I did speak to Tina and she was saying that is kind of part of the healing process as well not just the dry weather. She’s like you will find that very thin healing kind of happens a little bit longer after the healing process.

I’m like brows I felt like my lips got kind of lighter for a while and they started to kind of bloom and come back and there were a few spots where I thought I was seeing when I was like white spots where I thought pigment didn’t take but the colours come back on those as well and I found my colours actually deep and it was in like the past week or so it’s been a very different experience than having brows done.

The colours have kind of gone all over like it was orange one day it seemed like regret and then it was pink and then it was move and it was deeper again but the biggest thing is to trust in the journey and reminding myself like don’t make any judgments on this colour until at least day 30 when we consider it fully healed.

It’s only day 21 and jump up so I can show you where I’m at but I had had a spot on this side where I’d felt like there was like complete colour missing and it’s all come back and it’s actually quite dark now compared to how it had been the last time and no dryness my lips are fully back to normal.

It’s been amazing like I get to go out and not have to wear a lipstick. I hate wearing lipstick cuz I’m a tomboy. it’s hard but yeah, I will get up to update you guys on day 30 and we’ll see how it looks then.

Hi guys this is Laura and back again it is now day 30 which means my lips are officially healed. The colour has fully bloomed and all the dry flakiness that was happening is completely gone. The colour has really changed from when I first did it. Like I said many times before whether it’s like a bit of a roller coaster in colours.

It did go pretty light for a bit and it bloomed back a little bit darker but it’s perfect even without makeup on. I don’t feel like it’s too dark. Which is exactly what I wanted. Here I am with a full face of makeup and I feel like it still looks like I’ve got something on but not over-the-top. Which is exactly what I
wanted. I have been using Tina’s lip blush stains as well to boost the colour on days that I’m like more.

Overall, it was a great journey. I mean no pain no gain at the end of the day. This one is here to stay thankfully let me go up and show you so they are fully healed and I love them. I would definitely do it again. I’m so glad to make this new formulation because I love the results and I love the colours. Really there wasn’t mixing needed we just wanted to bring out a little more in that Motown and that was the only reason I added anything to dusty pink. I think it’s a great line and these are what you get in the end thanks you guys.