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History of Mandalas Tattoos in Perth

History of Mandalas Tattoos in Perth


Mandala is a Sanskrit word that translates as a sphere or sacred circle, it represents for all people the unity and harmony of the universe through colors and visual and geometric elements.

They are widely used by Hindus and are made with colored sands at the entrance of houses and temples. In the same way, it happens in Tibet where Buddhist monks learn detachment through them.

In this sacred city, when a Mandala is made, it is divided into 4 parts in which four Buddhist monks are in charge of completing the design. Once the beautiful Mandala is finished, it is destroyed and its sand swept away to be stored in a jar and later thrown into a river, in this way it will be integrated back into nature.

Thus the monks learn not to get attached to beautiful material things, seeing them as a process that must be exploited without suffering for it, because in the end everything disappears in the end.

What do Mandalas tattoo represent?

Mandalas tattoos represent the strength, harmony and beauty of nature, their combination has many meanings as there are Mandalas for health, love, energy, even fertility and many more.

How they represent balance should be centered and where possible should be tattooed on large areas of the body such as the shoulder, back, legs, arms or chest.

On the back they are great, since they allow you to make spectacular designs and combine more than one mandala with other elements such as: geometry, watercolor, pointillism, micro-realism, etc.

One of the most curious, mystical, curious and great points to tattoo Mandalas is the soles of the feet or the heels … they give you a very special vision, and can be done in such a way that when the feet are put together, the mandala is seen complete … really spectacular.

In the twins you can also make these Mandalas that when joined are one. They must be made by experts such as those at Baltasar Tattoo Madrid since they must be absolutely symmetrical to fulfill their objective, you can take a look at the geometric tattoos of the mandala tattoo artist in Madrid: Jeanmarco Cicolini here!

Mandalas tattoos for women

Women can get these tattoos anywhere on the body, although the favorite places are the hands, ankles, feet, shoulder, back, thigh, hips and the base of the bust.

Flower Mandalas

Female Mandalas usually have floral designs, and they have spectacular shapes.

They can be tattooed in different sizes, from the smallest that can be done on different parts of the body.

Egyptian mandala

It is a very sexy and feminine mandala tattoo is done at the base of the chest, it looks like an Egyptian ornament and can be done in black or two colors, it is really beautiful if it is done in dotwork or pointillism it is striking, also in its design many geometric elements can be included.

Leaf mandalas

They are generally combined with figures of flowers in the center and progress until they reach the desired size, ending up with geometric designs that combine. This type of mandala tattoo is widely used by girls.

Stained glass mandalas

These Feminine Mandalas imitate the brightness of the crystal patterns in Catholic cathedrals, they are very beautiful since they allow you to combine colors and make designs with a mystical and special touch.

Mandalas on the hands and feet

They have been used for centuries with Hena a washable dye and in general they are for women who are going to get married and princesses, they have spectacular designs that integrate small Mandalas under the base of the nails if you wish. They are very feminine and will undoubtedly fascinate you.

Mandala Tattoos for Men
Tribal mandalas

The tribal Mandalas Mandalas are considered for men for many centuries when the warriors wore them as a symbol of protection in their exploits. They are beautiful and very manly, which allows you to give them a great style. You can look for the tribe with which you identify the most and within it look for the ideal Mandala for you since there are many designs that you can get.

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Mandala tattoo in Perth

Animal mandalas

Almost any animal can be filled with different geometric shapes turning it into a Mandala. Animal Mandalas are very popular among men, to make them you must first know which animal you identify with, depending on its characteristics and symbols you can choose from many varieties.

Tigers, bears, cougars, eagles, wolves, lions and, curiously, elephants are among the most used to make animal Mandalas since they have many spaces in which the magnificent shapes of the Mandalas can take advantage of the wonderful geometric shapes.

Mandalas of holiness

These Mandalas of Holiness are used to make representations of the deities of the Buddhist and Hindu religions, they are attributed powers of protection and healing for those who have them, a mystical feeling that has led the followers of these religions to wear these symbols in the arms or chest.

Mandalas tattoos on the leg

They are a spectacular design that is made on one or both legs, simulating the protectors used by warriors in Greek and Roman cultures. They range from the ankle to the knee, including even part of the thigh, they are spectacular and if you bring your designs at Baltasar Tattoo Madrid we have the expert tattooists who can do them. Keep in mind that it is very important in this case to be in the hands of professionals so that your tattoos are perfectly symmetrical, since the skin is a canvas on which it cannot be erased.

At Elite Look Tattoo Perth we help you make your mandala design, using the geometric shapes and figures that you like the most. We will tattoo it on your skin, in the place of the body you want, to make it look great.

So your Mandala tattoo will be even more significant, and definitely unique, since your design will not be owned by anyone else. What are you waiting for to have on your skin that wonderful Mandala that you have always dreamed of?