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The Boom of Small Tattoos in Perth

The Boom of Small Tattoos in Perth

small tattoos

Everyone wants a tattoo that is beautiful and pretty. Actually, there are some designs that you will traditionally like when combined with spectacular elements.

Small tattoo in Perth

What defines a beautiful tattoo?

Really, you have to consider two points, the first, the design and the second the execution or elaboration.

As for the design, you should look for designs that fit the size of the place on the body where you want to get the tattoo, your muscles move and can give a special touch to the designs you have chosen.

You must bear in mind that areas such as elbows and knees change the design in a certain portion because the skin in these areas stretches slightly, as it must be more flexible to allow movement of the joint, so they get used to make more geometric figures than other elements.
Pretty floral tattoo in Madriz

Sometimes it happens that you have a spectacular design but the result is not the best, this happens for three factors:

the equipment used to make the tattoo is not adequate
bad advice
pigments are not of good quality
finally, the tattoo artist is starting

That is why you should make sure to get your tattoo done in a good Tattoo Studio. At Elite Look tattoo Perth we not only have tattooists specialised in fineline tattoos, micro-realistic, geometric tattoos, watercolor and realistic tattoos, we also have the facilities and adequate instrumentation so that your tattoo is absolutely beautiful, and you enjoy a memorable experience.

The Fashion of Cute Small Tattoos

The minimalist tattoos are especially sought after by the girls, linear hearts, flowers and stars are favorites of the girls, but the boys tattooed waves, anchors, words, small animal portraits, rings, and much more can also be.

Small and pretty tattoos are ideal for first timers, as it involves a very short time to complete, and the result is obviously very good.

You must bear in mind that large tattoos have a spectacular visual impact, but without a doubt, several sessions are needed to finish it completely, meanwhile small and beautiful tattoos can be done in quite striking areas of your body that are often more attractive to sight for being curious.

Nice red heart tattoo on wrist

This happens due to its aesthetics, since there are them from the simplest such as a sea wave, an anchor or a word, hearts or a flower to the most complex ones such as Mandalas, snakes, zodiac signs and faces of tigers, which if the client requires it, they can be of dimensions that do not exceed 7 centimeters … quite an art.

Small Tattoos for Women

Women look for a high quality in their tattoos, because they must be delicate but at the same time with beautiful designs, well we have some examples of beautiful tattoos for women that you can get.

The word Belive accompanied by a seagull is absolutely beautiful, the musical keys that are recurrent in women, with special designs that also convey joy and tenderness. These designs can be done on the ear, wrist, ankles, and they are really very beautiful.

Pretty arrow tattoos on the clavicle

And how can we forget the butterflies? Flowers and butterflies have always been especially desired by women and for good reason, because their designs are spectacular and very delicate.

Fairies are a feminine and beautiful sign that can be combined with different figures such as flowers or moons, they have very special colors and also the faces are very angelic and feminine they will always be part of the beautiful tattoos for women.

The Hamsa is a sign that has been used by Jews, Buddhists and Muslims, it is a symbol of protection against evil, a hand with an eye in the center that has many designs similar to Mandalas, which is usually carried by women to protect them from envy and bad energies.

And by the way, Mandalas are absolutely beautiful and very perfect for women, as they have quite cool designs that can be combined with each other. Lotus flowers cannot be missing in this section since they have been used for centuries as the representation of the balance between the spiritual and the physical.

small tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men

There are many beautiful tattoos for men , particularly, there are designs of very small animals, such as tiger, lion, wolf faces that must be done by expert tattooists such as Baltasar Tattoo so that they do not lose their aesthetics.

We have some suggestions for you about the beautiful tattoos for men that you can make on your skin.

The arrows have undoubtedly been used as a representation of strength and certainty and are one of the favorites of men, also the compass or wind rose are the demonstration of a man who is clear where he is going, and shows how never you must lose your north.
Nice rose behind ear tattoo for men

Obviously we cannot leave aside the geometric designs full of absolute masculinity, with them you can make half sleeve tattoos, which surround the middle of the chest, the shoulder and the forearm, they look quite elegant and you will look like a warrior.

If what you are looking for is a very large and striking tattoo, dragons, wolves and lions will be a very wise choice, they are impressive and can be done either in color or black and white with shadows or in grayscale. Absolutely sensational for the designs they can have and of course they do not go out of style for being beautiful tattoos for men.
Rose tattoo with pretty cross for man

Superhero tattoos are also a good choice if you have the personality of one of them, in general the symbol is used, for example in the case of Batman the iconic bat, in Superman the shield of his suit, Thor, of course the hammer Well, if you want you can also get a complete tattoo of your favorite character, there are many beautiful designs that can serve you.
super man tattoo

Tattoo will always be beautiful for those who have it but to be really aesthetic, centered, visually balanced, and with spectacular and durable colors you should go to the experts.