How long does sugaring hair removal effect last?

How long does sugaring hair removal effect last?

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The sugaring effect is more persistent, and no pain relief is needed to remove hair.

Sugaring – sugar hair removal, the history of which begins in the days of the ancient Eastern countries. Nevertheless, this technology of hair removal has survived very successfully to this day, and scientific developments in cosmetology have brought it almost to perfection.

Why do we love sugaring?

Many people consider sugaring to be the best way to remove the hair.

And not without reason:

Sugaring, unlike wax hair removal, pulls out hairs not against the hair growth, but according to their growth. This is the main difference between the sugaring technique and makes it practically painless.
The skin is less injured during sugar hair removal, and removal by growth does not displace follicles. Therefore, there are fewer ingrown hairs with subsequent inflammation and small pustules.
The variety of sugar pastes allows you to contain a lot of natural skincare ingredients, plant extracts. Therefore, sugaring can be safely called a spa procedure.
This is one of the most inexpensive hair removal techniques. True, in Perth and Australia now the pricing policy of salons is different, and before signing up for sugar hair removal, it is still better to clarify how much a session costs.

It is believed that such natural hair removal contributes to the higher efficiency of the procedure. If during waxing some hairs still break off (especially if you decide to experiment with wax on your own), then with sugaring such risks are practically zero. This fact explains the slightly longer duration of the effect of this type of hair removal.

How long does one sugaring procedure last?

Let’s try to find the answer to the most burning question – how long does sugar hair removal last? Actually, as much as waxing is enough – no more than three weeks. But there is a pattern emerging. If you carefully read all the reviews on the forums, watch videos and photos, you can understand some of the nuances:

Sugaring hair removal, done in a cosmetology clinic or in a hair removal studio, lasts a little longer at home. Due to the experience and professional skill of breaking off the hairs, they are all removed by the root.
For the same reason, sugaring is a slightly more effective procedure than waxing.
On average, one sugaring procedure is enough for 2-3 weeks. For some lucky women, the result lasts up to 3-4 weeks.
The more often and longer in time your hair removal, the longer and slower hair growth. In addition, they become thinner, brighter and weaker.
Hair grows differently in different parts of the body. They grow faster on the legs and armpits, the slowest growth rates are on the face.

How to remove hair permanently?

It is still impossible to remove hair permanently by sugaring. Some people believe that hair follicles become weaker from the constant pulling out and will eventually die. Perhaps so, but you may need any remaining life to do so.

If you do not want to wait and constantly grow hairs, it will be faster and more effective to contact a cosmetology centre, where permanent hair removal is done. Hardware methods – photo, elos and laser – also require several visits, but with them, you will definitely get a lasting smooth effect for many years.

By the way, redness, burns and other laser troubles, which are written about on the forums, are nothing more than a myth. After all, no one says in which salon and on which laser the hair removal was done. You can get on low-quality laser hair removal only in three cases:

Outdated equipment or cheap analogues of good equipment;
inexperienced master picked up the wrong mode;
greedy salon, does everything at random, regardless of the restriction.

The conclusion suggests itself: you only need to go to specialised cosmetic tattoo salons with a high reputation. This does not mean at all that prices there will be prohibitive. For those who work conscientiously, it is more profitable to serve a larger number of clients, and not to raise the cost of procedures to the ceiling. By the way, such clinics often perform surgeries and distribute discount coupons, so you can do any hair removal there very cheaply.