Hygiene procedures before sugaring

Hygiene procedures before sugaring

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After cleansing the skin, hair is removed more easily. The risk of ingrown hairs after the procedure will also decrease.

Two days before sugaring hair removal, use a scrub.
Take a shower immediately before your procedure. Do not use a hard washcloth. Use proven gels and shampoos to avoid allergies.

Preparing the skin before sugaring

A sequence of simple steps will help you optimise the procedure and avoid complications.

Preparing the skin for sugaring includes:

Moisturizing. Start at least a week in advance. Apply a moisturizer and solution to the skin, especially dry areas. On the day of sugaring, you do not need to do this.
Pore ​​opening. During the shower, make the water as warm as possible, apply a warming compress (gauze and hot water) to the areas in the armpits.

Degreasing. Alcohol-based lotions are used.
Anaesthesia not everyone needs it. Only for women with a low threshold of sensitivity. You can drink a systemic drug, one hour before hair removal, or use a spray with ice caine.

Psychological preparation for sugaring

The excitement before the procedure is understandable. Especially if the woman has not visited the salon before. It is important to tune in morally.
How to prepare for sugaring for the first time?

Correct perception. A master as a doctor. You don’t need to be shy, even if it’s Brazilian hair removal.
Patience. Mild discomfort, sometimes pain. If you divert attention and not concentrate on the sensations, you will not have to resort to pain relief.

What should not be done before the procedure?

How to prepare for sugaring? Refrain from the following steps to avoid the complications and frustration of hair removal:

Sunbathing, visiting the solarium or beach.
Apply greasy creams, lotions.
Injury the dermis (rub with a brush, squeeze pimples).

It is not recommended doing sugaring hair removal procedure if you have:

Allergy to the components of the paste.
Irritation, presence of open wounds.
Papillomas and large moles.
Venereal diseases.
Vascular pathology.
Fungal skin lesions.

Sugaring similar to cosmetic tattoo could be done during menstruation. But when it is necessary to remove hair in the bikini area, discuss the situation with the master. If both sides are comfortable, you can use a tampon.
Preparing the skin for sugaring, optimal hair length, emotional attitude will make hair removal as comfortable as possible. After 3 procedures, the pain will disappear. The effect will last 3 – 4 weeks, after which the procedure will have to be repeated.