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Scalp Micropigmentation: An Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

Scalp Micropigmentation: An Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

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Baldness is one of the most common problems today. In fact, one study showed that 42% of men between the ages of 18 and 49 had moderate to extensive hair loss. While it is true, there are many methods to treat hair loss in men, from medications such as Minoxidil to hair transplants. However, today a new alternative is emerging: scalp micropigmentation.

Also known as the “hair tattoo” SMP restores receding hairlines, thickens remaining hair, and hides transplant scars. But how effective is this treatment? And, is it really an alternative to hair transplantation?

In this post, we will talk about everything related to this procedure, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, and a comparison between hair tattoo and hair transplantation. Keep reading!

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as “Hair Tattoo,” is the process of applying impressions of hair follicles to match or replicate the follicles of real human hair. This method is applied by piercing the skin with a motor-driven device, using specialised needles to insert ink to the correct depth.

Micro pigments are applied at the epidermis level of the scalp, with the aim of replicating the appearance of real hair follicles. These procedures attempt to create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair. The goal is to reduce the contrast between hair and scalp colour.

Based on the texture of a person’s skin, SMP treatment lasts three to four years. Pigments applied to the scalp eventually dissolve and then completely disappear from the system.
Benefits of Hair Micropigmentation

Hair Micropigmentation: An Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

# 1- It is a NON-invasive treatment

Which means that you do not have to go to the operating room and therefore, the recovery is much faster.

# 2- Instant results

With a hair simulation treatment, in just 2 to 4 days, the patient can achieve the look of a shaved head.
# 3- Hide scars from previous implants

The hair simulation application allows patients to hide or lessen the visibility of scars on the scalp.

# 4- It is a quick procedure

Micropigmentation of the scalp is a simple procedure and can be completed in a couple of sessions. It only takes a few hours to achieve a perfect shaved head look. Even after the first session, the results are good.
What are its disadvantages?

Hair Micropigmentation: An Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

# 1- Your hairstyle never changes

Hair gives you the flexibility to cut and change your look. When you start to go bald, you lose that control. Micropigmentation of the scalp provides a solution, although you will only have a shaved cut style. Most people don’t mind this, but it’s not for everyone.

# 2- You need to keep shaving

To get the most out of the look, men have to shave their heads regularly – any hair that may still grow will need to be shaved to an ideal degree of 0.5. Much will depend on how fast your hair grows, but you may need to shave at least twice a week. Although this maintenance is relatively low, it can be exhausting for some.

# 3- It is temporary

It usually takes 3 sessions to successfully complete the initial treatment. You may need to visit one more time within a year to check for any fading that has appeared. After that, you will be fine for 2 years. Then you will have to come back to recharge your pigmentation.

# 4- Tattooed hair is not real

The pigmentation of the scalp gives an illusion of hair, which means that anyone who touches your head will not feel any hair.
Hair Micropigmentation vs Hair Implant: Which is Better?

Ok, we already talked about how the hair tattoo or scalpmicropigmentation procedure is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Now, it is time to answer the question that everyone wants to know: Is hair micropigmentation really a definitive alternative to hair implants?

The answer is: No. As you have read throughout this post, scalp micropigmentation is a tattoo that is done in the area of the head, in order to give you a shaved look. However, it is not a definitive solution to baldness. Also, you will never be able to change your look, you will only be bald with the impression that you shaved military style.

In this case, the patient has hair, but the crown is bald. Now, with the scalp micropigmentation, he was able to cover that part, but he must always keep his hair shaved since the difference would be noticed.