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Lightly bushy eyebrows? Try eyebrow tattoo micropigmentation.

Lightly bushy eyebrows? Try eyebrow tattoo micropigmentation.

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Having sparsely populated eyebrows will no longer be a problem for you, discover eyebrow tattoo micropigmentation and the advantages of this beauty treatment.

The eyebrows are an important part of our face because they are responsible for giving it expression, therefore excessive waxing or the absence of hair can result in an empty countenance, a situation that leads many women to resort to makeup or different aesthetic treatments to draw them again. With the passage of time the techniques advance and beyond the rudimentary permanent tattoo we find new options, such as micropigmentation, whose results are more professional and natural. Know all the advantages of this option.

Draw your eyebrow tattoo

First of all, it is important to know the causes that lead us to lose hair in this area. In addition to the passage of time and excessive and poor hair removal, there are other problems (of a medical nature) that should be treated and consulted with a specialist before undergoing cosmetic techniques, such as trauma (blows, burns …) autoimmune disorders, some medications (birth control pills, blood thinners, arthritis treatments …) hypothyroidism and other diseases.

n an age when wild and crowded eyebrow designs are triumphant, more and more women are deciding to undergo these treatments to give their face personality. Micropigmentation is shown as a great option to significantly improve self-esteem and give beauty to the face. It is a process by which natural pigments are applied to the superficial layers of the skin so that the dermis itself absorbs them. How is it done? Very simple, a pencil similar to that of tattoo machines is used with which individual strokes are created simulating hair. Its duration is 12 to 18 months, after which time it will be necessary to touch up the work because the colour is fading and the edges may begin to lose shape. Even so, this procedure has certain advantages that will convince you:

When done hair by hair the result is much more natural than permanent tattoos , you can also use the technique to fill in the gaps of the sparsely populated eyebrows, achieving a perfect design. The drawing will not be as obvious as the tattoos since there is a wide range of colours that will blend perfectly with your hair tone.

It is a painless process (unlike a normal tattoo) and for the small discomfort that it does generate there are anesthetic creams that you can apply an hour before the treatment so that it does not bother you at all, in addition, the duration time is, approximately, of less than an hour, it will fly by!
If before undergoing this treatment you spent time every morning drawing your eyebrows and putting on makeup precisely, after it you can save time and money on makeup, in addition, as it is not something permanent if you are not convinced with the design you can modify it after the effect.