Lip tattoo. Features. Care before and after.

Lip tattoo. Features. Care before and after.

Lip tattoo

Lip tattoo. Features. Care before and after.

Permanent makeup is used for various reasons: it is also an opportunity for businesswomen not to waste time drawing a neat contour, correcting makeup during the day, and tattooing allows you to visually increase the volume of the lips, make them more sensual, and even out the uneven contour.

At a preliminary consultation, the master will help you choose the most suitable cosmetic tattoo option, make sketches of the techniques you like, and select the optimal colour palette for you. Please note that pigments look different on different skin types, so you should rely on the experience of a master.

Depending on the tasks, the master uses the appropriate technique.

light kayal;
clear outline;
permanent lipstick;
eyeliner with shading;
tattoo with 3D volume.

Light kayal is the most subtle procedure that allows you to slightly change the contour of the lips – it is drawn with a pigment of a natural colour, slightly protruding beyond the natural contour. And lip tattooing with 3D volume is the most difficult technique, requiring several corrections to achieve the best result. But it allows you to visually enlarge your lips, they will always look spectacular, and you will not need to resort to surgical intervention.

But this does not mean that this procedure should be taken lightly, because the choice of an illiterate performer can lead not only to a spoiled appearance for a long time, but also to serious health problems. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to prepare in advance.


The first thing to know about lip tattooing is the possibility of herpes appearing in those who are prone to this disease. During the procedure and in the process of healing the sensitive skin of the lips, the body will experience stress, which can provoke a relapse of the disease. During the procedure, unfortunately, infection is also possible, in order to avoid this, make sure that the master uses sterile instruments, disposable accessories, the cleanliness of the office should also not raise doubts. The appearance of herpes can lead to the fact that the body pushes out some pigment, and you will have spots on the zones of the disease.

To avoid unpleasant manifestations of herpes, it is necessary to take antiviral drugs, for example, Acyclovir, within two weeks before tattooing. If the rash occurs on the day of the procedure, it should be postponed and treated. Together with medicines, it is worth using healing ointments (Zovirax, Fenistil-Pertsivir, Tetracycline ointment).

There are a number of contraindications that are typical for all types of tattoo:

acute form of inflammation;
somatic health problems;
diseases of the circulatory system;
pregnancy and lactation;
the skin in the tattoo area should not be damaged;
you should also pay attention to a possible allergic reaction to pigments and painkillers;


There are two options for permanent makeup lip tattoo: hardware tattooing and microblading – a manual technique. The introduction of pigment using a manual maniple is less traumatic for the skin, which means it causes less painful sensations, the skin heals faster, but the effect of such a procedure is less persistent: 1.5-2 years. Hardware permanent makeup lasts longer (up to 5 years), but you must understand that it also requires correction to maintain a neat appearance.

Before starting the procedure, the master disinfects the skin, and also applies anaesthetics to reduce pain.

Further, depending on the chosen technique, the master injects the pigment under the skin with the finest needles. The advantage of manual permanent makeup is that there are no vibrations from the machine, but the master must also have a lot of experience, and most importantly: the hand placed so that he can draw a neat contour the first time. A good master constantly improves his skills, he must draw for a long time so that the hand can withstand the load and does not misfire. That is why, in combination with expensive equipment and high-quality pigments, the services of a professional cost more than the average market price. But if you have already decided on something not momentary, and want to look “expensive”, you should not chase the cheap.


A good result depends not only on the master and the individual characteristics of the organism, but also on our own efforts: it is worth taking care of ourselves. The skin after the procedure is damaged and needs protection and hydration. After the procedure, the skin should be disinfected 2-3 times a day after meals for 8-10 days. Chlorhexidine solution is suitable. It is not suitable for owners of sensitive skin because of the alcohol base, so it is better to use Miramistin.

– Moisturizing is very important:

a crust forms on the damaged skin, which


Together with the crust, you risk losing the layer of the epidermis with the pigment. The skin should be moisturized, but also not excessively, applying the product in a thin layer. The Goochie Healing Lip Gel is perfect for these tasks. It contains: amino acids, GF, BF, ECT, epidermal growth factor, aloe and acerola extracts, royal jelly, jojoba oil, vitamin E.

– Washing:

You must never wash your face under running water! This can provoke inflammation. Use boiled water for washing. You also need to give up soap – a PH-neutral cleansing gel with antibacterial action is suitable.

– Month after the procedure:

But even when the visible consequences of the cosmetic tattoo procedure are gone, do not forget that the area with permanent makeup requires special care. Cosmetology procedures cannot be performed within a month after tattooing. Lifting, peeling, Botox – everything that leads to micro damage should be excluded. Spicy, hot, sour, salty food will cause burning and soreness. You should also give up decorative cosmetics for a while, replacing it with care products.

During the month, you should not visit the sauna, swimming pool, solarium. As in the case of tattoos, direct sunlight is detrimental to tattooing, so it is necessary to protect the skin with special creams with an SPF filter. Permanent makeup will allow you not to waste time applying decorative cosmetics, but it is advisable to always keep a moisturizer with vitamin A in your purse and remember to use it. So the colour of the pigment will not fade, retaining its original appearance for a long time.