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Sugaring: Hair removal with sugar

Sugaring: Hair removal with sugar


Sugaring or sugar hair removal is a millenary method of hair removal used since ancient times and for which we need natural ingredients that we have in our home, the method is similar to wax, but it has many more advantages than this.

Do you want to know more about this technique? Keep reading!
Advantages and benefits of sugaring

It is inexpensive, since you only need sugar and lemon.
It is as durable as wax, and less painful.
Can be used for short hair.
Does not contain chemical agents
Can be used anywhere on the body

How to make the sugar wax?

To make the wax you need:

2 cups of sugar
Judo from a yellow lemon
Water (in case the juice is not enough)


Place the lemon juice and two cups of sugar in a medium saucepan or pot. The juice must completely cover the powder, if this does not happen, we must add a little water.

Heat this mixture over medium-high heat, stirring with a wooden spoon until the sugar is completely diluted. If we have a kitchen thermometer on hand, we can check that it reaches 115 degrees Celsius

When it starts to boil we will lower the heat a lot, and wait for it to make a thick and sticky paste, but manageable, with a soft golden color as if it were honey. If it has a dark color, it has possibly burned us and we must do it again.

Remove from the heat, put it in a jar or pot where it is easy for us to remove it and wait until it cools.

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And our wax is ready!

Optionally we can perform an exfoliation before sugar hair removal, although if we have sensitive skin it is not recommended. It is also advisable that we put a little talcum powder on the skin so that it does not adhere too much.

We will clean and dry the area of ​​the body where it will be applied so that it does not have problems in drying

If we notice that the wax is too thick, we can heat it a little with 10 or 15 seconds it will be enough. The wax should be warm , not hot.

With very clean hands, and with a little oil, we will take a little wax and smear it in the opposite direction to hair growth.

It will help us to tighten the skin a little with the other hand. We will distribute the wax well so that it is a thin layer and without waiting we will pull it in the direction of hair growth.

With the same paste, it will be spread in another area and we will repeat the process. In the end, we can apply a little moisturizer or aloe vera gel to calm the skin.

This is how you wax in this ancient technique. Are you willing to use sugar as a different measure than wax?