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Tips for waxing

Tips for waxing hair removal

waxing vs sugaring

Among the different solutions that exist for hair removal, wax and sugar waxing is one of the most effective and long-lasting. But you don’t have to be afraid of pain because it can also be the most painful.

So I’m going to give you some tips to get a perfect waxing and to deal with the pain.
Know if wax is the best solution for you

First of all, you have to know your skin type, your hair type to know if wax is really the best solution for shaving and if it is the option that best corresponds to your skin type.

For example, waxing can be a bit harsh on sensitive or dry skin, it can cause irritation and itching, so I recommend asking a professional for opinion before you start waxing.
Prepare your skin before waxing

To reduce pain and for waxing to be effective and for you to see the results, you have to prepare your skin before the time to wax. First, exfoliate all the areas of your skin that you are going to wax, which helps to remove dead cells and then facilitates the adhesion of the wax to your skin.

On the contrary, do not apply any moisturizing product before waxing because the wax will not adhere to your skin.

In addition, exfoliation makes the small hairs that remain in the superficial layer of the skin come out, so it helps you to have better results, since no hair will remain.

Then, disinfect the areas that you are going to wax, with wipes or a disinfectant, so that your skin reacts well to the contact of the wax.
Reduce pain

You can reduce the pain due to waxing by choosing the good wax.

First, choose the good wax for your skin type :

Not so hot for sensitive skin
Cold for those with circulation problems
Hot if you have a very hard hair type

To know which type of wax best corresponds to your skin type, you can also ask the opinion of a professional in a beauty salon.

Second, choose the right wax for the area to be waxed. Each wax is adapted to an area of ​​the body and if you choose the good wax for the good area, you can greatly reduce pain.

For example, it will hurt much more if you shave your armpits, which are a sensitive areas, with wax dedicated to the legs.

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