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The Crown Tattoo, why is it so popular in Perth’s tattoo shops?

The Crown Tattoo, why is it so popular in Perth's tattoo shops?

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The crown tattoo is one of the most popular, not only for its meaning, but for its beautiful designs in our tattoo shop, which can be made with different ideas, motifs, styles and sizes, which makes it a very versatile tattoo.

Crowns have always been a symbol of the monarchy and have been used to denote the importance of kings and princes, in this way they could demonstrate that they are the chosen ones, not only before their subjects but also before other representatives of the monarchy.

Queen Crown Tattoo

Kings and queens were chosen to guard the stability of a population, conquer territories and establish colonies under their protection, although they did not always fulfill this objective, since on more than one occasion the power ended up blinding them.
Laurel Wreath Meaning in Tattoo

In ancient times in Greece and Rome not only the emperors wore the laurel wreaths, but also the victors in the Olympic jousts, which included events such as gymnastics, archery, races and many more.

For this reason the laurel wreath tattoo is the symbol of the winners , and the best of all you can do it in any area of your body, or around your arm, you can even include it in a minimalist design, without a doubt it is an original design that is definitely worn by the winners in Australia.

Laurel wreaths can be made in a U shape, in a circular shape or in an 8 shape, it really is quite a versatile, minimalist and beautiful tattoo.

Lion with Crown Tattoo

The tattoo of a lion with a crown really has a powerful effect on all those who see it, it signifies the strength of royalty, protection and balance.

Lion with Crown tattoo

It has a spectacular design, it can be done on the back, chest or arms, either in black and white, watercolour style or with lush colors depending on your tastes.

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If you plan to get a tattoo, in all cases the Lion with Crown Tattoo is better to be a good size, since it can have many details, which can be accompanied by roses, jewellery and other great details.

Lions have always captivated humans for their magnificent grandeur, you can tattoo them roaring or quiet, in any case, so that they do not lose their aesthetics they must be made by experts, in our studio Baltasar Tattoo Madrid we can advise you and help you with your design and guide you so that you have a spectacular result.

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Woman Crown Tattoo
What does a crown tattoo mean?

The meaning of the Crown tattoo is really very personal, however in general some people in Madrid tattoo them as a good luck charm so that those who wear it have a life full of wealth and abundance , not so much in the economic sense but in the abundance of spiritual strength that comes from health, friendship, love and personal success.

It also refers to the need to seek progress in a fair and equitable way using intelligence.

In addition, it also symbolises strength, self-control and independence, so they are related to the ability to be free and dominant.

A crown evidently represents the triumph and its multiple designs make it a very versatile tattoo, since it can be accompanied by initials, names, phrases of great meaning, biblical quotes, etc.

You can also get tattooed with your partner and get the king and queen crown tattoo, the queen for your boyfriend and the king for you.

Queen’s crown

Obviously if you feel like a beautiful princess why not crown yourself as queen with a crown tattoo on your skin? The queen crown tattoo is really a beautiful detail that you can tattoo on your shoulder, on your side, on your forearm, or even on your nape or back.

Minimalist crown tattoo

The minimalist king and queen crowns are of spectacular size and detail, especially when done in micro-realism, they can be worn in places such as on the wrist, behind the ear, on the shoulder, they are extremely sexy and even on the shoulder. back of the hand, they are great and very elegant.

Minimalist crown Perth

Crown tattoos are definitely very versatile since they have many styles and shapes to design them between sizes and colors without equal. You can always bring your own design to our tattoo shop.