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The semi-permanent eyelash and eyebrow treatments to show off your eyes this summer

The semi-permanent eyelash and eyebrow treatments to show off your eyes this summer

We will tell you what are the leading methods to look beautiful for longer

What if we told you that there is a technique with which you would not have to draw the line of your eye for two years? If you do not know it, this procedure that tattoos a perfect outline exists and every day more women wake up with their eyes framed every day. The wonders that are achieved with a well-done eye makeup are well known: you can lengthen the shape and intensify the expression with tricks such as that of Esther Cañadas, who already debuted in June the wild look for summer nights, or the Blanca Suárez’s two-step ritual to get ready in less than 5 minutes. However, for all those who have short or blonde eyelashes, depopulated eyebrows or who are simply looking for the best solution to go with their face washed in summer, the experts reveal us what lifts, extensions, laminates and other treatments are to beautify “the mirror of the soul” in 2021.

Eyebrow tattoo

Long, curved and black eyelashes: the most demanded treatments

“Nowadays, with the use of the mask, the eyes reflect our expression and that is why the look is being cared for more and more. In the last two months, with the arrival of summer, they have increased by more than 40 % in our centre the eyelash treatments, especially lifting and tinting of eyelashes “, they tell us from Ana Olivares.

Regarding the procedure of the moment, they point to the winning combo that they perform the most in beach and pool season: “The tint + eyelash lifting is always in demand when summer comes. Eyelash extensions are not so popular in this season due to their delicate care, since they are not excessively compatible with water “. To maintain the results from home, the specific care serums are the answer to activate the growth of each hair in a natural way.

One option is the first launch of the Nost Cosmetics brand : the Gleam Lashes Growth Booster Eyelash Serum superserum, a formula that promises denser, fuller, longer and ultimately beautiful lashes through a formula that does not sting on the eyes and conditions the root from birth to strengthen them and delay their fall. The active ingredients present in this beautifying serum include the famous biotin that is also prescribed to enhance the growth of the hair, vitamin B7, repairing arginine or Norbimatoprost, a substance that lengthens the life of each eyelash. Another advantage of using cosmetics like this is that it increases the duration of the treatments that the experts Ana Olivares told us about.

Perfect eyebrows all summer long

When it comes to defining and beautifying the look, the eyebrows are just as important as the eyelashes, in fact, there are many celebrities who confess that if they had to leave home with only one part of the face made up, they would choose the first one. From the Sundara centers, famous for their hair removal with the thread technique, they propose a treatment inspired by the lifting of eyelashes with which the perfect arch is designed and the results are maintained for 6 weeks: the brow lamination .

The ideal candidates for the treatment are those with wavy or unruly hair, as the procedure consists of applying a formula that smooths and combs it semi-permanently . As an added value, bald spots are covered and neither skin nor hair is damaged. Of course, Sundara experts warn that eyebrows will be darker than normal during the first 24 hours, an effect that gradually subsides after that time.
The ‘eyeliner’ of the two years

This is the time that the eyeliner remains intact with the procedure carried out by the Ana Olivares Center: ” Perfect for framing the look and making small corrections in a totally natural way, without noticing makeup . Depending on the shape of the eye uses one technique or another “, explain their specialists about the personalization they offer to each client. Through pigments of organic origin, dermograph and needles of different thicknesses, “a classic or blurred eyeliner is achieved, depending on the morphology of the eye and the desired result”. What to expect after leaving the center is a design that lasts for at least two years and lasts up to six years if regular maintenance visits are made every 24 months.

‘What if I have droopy eyelids?’

Experts revealed last year that the demand for blepharoplasty grew by 30% during the last months of 2020. The objective of this surgical intervention is to remove the excess skin of the upper eyelid and elevate the outer edge to achieve an almond-shaped look. and a more cheerful and rested expression. Well, Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla explains what are the other benefits that are noticed after undergoing this cosmetic surgery procedure (more beautiful eyelashes included) : “It is an aesthetic technique, but it also improves other medical aspects. Excess skin in the upper eyelid causes folds to form where bacteria accumulate. These can cause or worsen dermatitis, redness and even loss of eyelashes. “

Lash lift Perth

The rise of the ‘Foxy Eyes’

Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid were the ones who put this technique on the map with which the gaze is broadened and lifted: “Inspired by the large, slanted eyes that characterise foxes, the goal is to lengthen and refresh the gaze. Ultimately, get large and slanted eyes permanently “, explains general surgeon and aesthetic doctor María Vicente about the fashionable procedure. The step by step consists of raising the eyebrow through resorbable tensioning threads that are responsible for raising the tissue a few millimeters: “In addition to tightening, these threads have the ability to activate collagen synthesis, responsible for skin turgor and elasticity”, adds the specialist. The results last from half to a whole year, and only one session is needed.

Finally, Dr. Vicente also points to Botox sessions as an immediate solution to beautify the entire eye area: “We are going to perform Botox injections in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes . These help us to improve wrinkles. Between the eyebrows and crow’s feet, achieve a clear forehead and higher eyebrows “, says the surgeon about an aesthetic medicine procedure that achieves a rested, fresh and more open expression through a visit that should not be repeated until the past 4 or 6 months.