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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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Cosmetic tattoo, what is it, who should do it?

Cosmetic tattoo, what is it, who should do it?

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

The cosmetic tattoo helps women to feel and look beautiful everyday, increasing their self-esteem.

Cosmetic tattoo helps you look beautiful and groomed 24 hours a day, cosmetologist Elena Lapitskaya, a specialist in permanent eyeliner, told us, who has almost 16 years of experience in the cosmetic makeup area. “The cosmetic or micropigmentation tattoo can serve us from aesthetic issues to improving physical features, such as making an eyebrow symmetrical, or for lip correction”, explained the specialist. Technical University of Beauty and Aesthetics, pointed out that the cosmetic tattoo has the same principle as the tattoo, only that it is a slightly more aggressive technique for the face.

For the specialist, a permanent eyeliner application can help improve people’s self – esteem.

“For a woman it is very important to always look pretty and well-groomed. With this type of makeup you can go swimming, get up with your face washed and look pretty all the time, that helps you with your self-esteem; however, when they make you a faulty outline, badly done, instead of making you feel pretty, your self-esteem lowers ”, she explained.

Regarding the number of charlatans out there doing this kind of work, Patricia was emphatic when asking people to certify the training of who is going to make the tattoo, since the trade has been devalued by the large number of people who It does so without following basic hygiene rules and without being properly trained.

“With a badly done tattoo can come consequences such as infections, diseases, contagion of hepatitis. In Mexico the number of people who are well trained and know how to do it is very low, there are those who reduce it to a simple haircut, they do it in aesthetics, in tianguis, and you have to have a lot of asepsis, let’s not forget that we are opening the skin “, he pointed.

The best way to confirm the qualification of the person who will perform a cosmetic tattoo is by verifying their diplomas, the experience demonstrated in the work, “that’s why I suggest that when you want a cosmetic tattoo, you investigate who is going to do it, so that you do not run risks; I also always suggest that they propose a design test, so that you can decide how it will look and how it will look,” she said.

An essential requirement, before making a cosmetic tattoo, is to make a clinical file to know how the person’s health is, since there are some contraindications in people who have a disease, “for example cancer, because the immune system is low, weakened, in pregnant women it is possible to do it, only if their doctor approves it ”, he pointed out.

Finally, the specialist indicated that after getting the tattoo it is necessary to follow certain hygiene rules such as “administer an ointment in the area, something soft, for seven days, do not take sun baths or sauna, do not swim or exercise during it number of days, then you can go about your normal life and enjoy your permanent makeup ”, she concluded.

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