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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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What is cosmetic tattoo?

What is a cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

Under this name it may not sound familiar to you, but surely you have heard of cosmetic tattoos, read micropigmentation or permanent delineation. It is a practice that is used above all to underline a line on the face that we want to always keep there, giving it more contrast.

Through the same type of needles and the same technique as the traditional tattoo, the expert person (it better be good) applies pigments under the first layer of the skin, the outermost, and the desired line is drawn that will remain forever marked.

The lip contour, the line of the eyes or the eyebrows are the most common examples of these tattoos that give many of us tears. Those who have undergone it are almost always delighted and claim to have endured the operation very well. Keep in mind that in a single session it is not possible: there will be more than one.

Beyond highlighting these facial lines with bold, the advantage is to be able to modify them. If you want a longer eyebrow, with an impossible shape because your eyebrow hair does not allow it or to thicken them, the cosmetic tattoo can make it come true.

For women with thin lips, or with one lip thinner than the other, you can use a tattoo to visually modify the line of the mouth. And if you always wanted a mole on your cheek, now you know how to have it permanently.

These are delicate and highly visible areas of the face: a double reason to put yourself in the hands of a professional with an impeccable reputation. If the corner of your mouth doesn’t come out right, you’re going to cry a lot until it gets fixed. Think about it well before launching yourself.

Although not everything is for the face. On the body, it can do wonders to disguise a scar. If you have had a cesarean section or a similar operation, in the top two photos you see an example of a cosmetic tattoo designed especially for that area.

Would you dare? I would like to tattoo the line of the eyes but … ufff. I’ve seen a couple up close and I’m used to wearing a deep black line: I think I would end up going over the tattoo with the eyeliner.

As for the lips, I have never liked the dark outline of the mouth. On the other hand, a friend did it on her upper lip because it had almost no pigment (the natural line was not visible) and it was thinner than the lower one: the tattooed one favors her a lot. Each case, a world.

Cosmetic tattoo Perth