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I Got A Lash & Brow Lift, how the professionals do it.

I Got A Lash & Brow Lift, how the professionals do it.

Lash lift Perth

Hey guys it’s tina here welcome back to best in beauty a series, where i take you to the most popular places for your beauty needs in this episode. I’m gonna be getting a special keratin lash and brow lift from one of the leading lash salons in Singapore.

Last chapter

so how i found last chapter was actually

through a friend

she had gotten her lash lift done there

and i was like really impressed, because

I saw how lifted and curled her lashes

were and I was like where did you get

your lashes done.

So she told me about last chapter

and i checked out their instagram

and i’m pretty impressed by their before

and after photos you can see how

lifted and long the lashes will look


and it’s because they use a special type


lash lift solution it’s from a brand

called yumi

uv 2.0 is their most updated one i’ve

been doing my research

so this is different to a lash perm

where lash pens can really damage your


whereas with a keratin lash lift it

actually adds keratin

and vitamins to your lashes therefore

creating less damage

now in the past i’ve tried different

lash lifts so i’ve got it done

at a salon a couple years ago and i

tried to do it myself

like this video if you remember how that

went both times i wasn’t

able to get this type of result so i’m

really excited to go

see the trained therapists there last


and see if they can help me out with my

lashes and brows

this is the lash chapter salon it’s a

nice cozy

lash boutique in singapore they have

three locations and i went to the one at

east coast when i arrived i met my

therapist moon and she started off

with a cleanse for my brows because

we’re going to get started with the brow


first so she’s just removing any debris

oil or leftover makeup i have on my


next she’s actually doing a temporary


lift with some glue just to show me what

my brows will look like

afterwards so she’s just applying the


and brushing my hairs upwards creating

the shape


and once she’s done she hands me the

mirror just to check if i’m happy with


before she actually starts with the brow


process once i give her the green

light she actually removes the glue it

cleanses that brow again and gets

started with the process

so this was really interesting because i

thought that we would have to apply glue

to keep the hairs into place

and then the lifting solutions


but she actually said that the first

solution she’s applying right now

is like a softening solution so we don’t

need to

glue the hairs in place so she’s just

applying the first solution

all over my hairs making sure she covers

each one

and then it’s left on for about 15

minutes so she covers it

with a little bit of cling film that way

whilst we’re waiting for that to process

she can get started on my lash lift

so again she starts off with a cleanse

and then she places little eye pads

underneath my eyes

to protect my skin as well as my lower


then she sticks on the lash pad as for

the sizing we went with a

small because i have short itty bitty


so some glue is popped on the back of

the pad and

adhered to my lid

using a little bit of glue she starts

brushing back

my lashes to adhere it to the lash pad

then she used a little lash lift tool

just to comb

and press my hairs so it sticks against

the pad



for lash lifts i feel like it’s super

important to have a well-trained

therapist because they know how to


each hair and separate them nicely so

that when the lifting solution is on it

locks it in place



once moon is done with the lash

placement she goes ahead and applies the

first solution

close to the root of my lashes but of


avoiding my eye


again this is left on for about 15


she then goes back to the brow

lamination so she removes

the first solution and brushes my hairs


and you can kind of see that my brow

hairs they’re pretty easy to brush and

position now that they’ve softened

so she’s just using another brush to

sort of like remove the solution but


brush the hairs upwards into place

and then she applies solution number two

this is going to lock in the hairs

so she applies a generous amount of that

and then afterwards she used a q-tip to

just clean

up the edges

and again this is left on for about 15

minutes as well

back to the lashes she pretty much does

the same thing

removes the solution and applies step

number two

i feel like it’s really time efficient

to get both your brows and lashes done

at the same time because

as you’re waiting for one area to


the therapist can work on the other so

it doesn’t actually take

a lot more time if you do both


afterwards the brow solution is ready to

be removed

so moon is just removing that using a

little brush



then she applies the third solution

which is actually going to help nourish

the hairs


the lash lift solution is then removed

and then

a tint is applied so this is going to

help darken

up my lashes make them look a little bit


it takes about 10 minutes for this to

process and we went with the color black


the tint was then removed and my lashes

were carefully separated from the lash


moon was really gentle with this when

she removed the lash pad from my eyelid

i’ve had other places just pretty much

like a rip off of the pad and

that hurts but she was so gentle

and she gave my lashes a thorough



when i saw my lashes and brows i was

super happy with the results

my brows look super fluffy afterwards

moon shaped them

up a little bit and just cleaned up the

edges and any rogue stray hairs

let me show you guys some before and

after photos

so before you can see my lashes are

straight and my brow hairs grow


like downwards then this is what it

looks like

afterwards my lashes are super curled

and my brows look so much thicker and


so it’s been a week since my treatment

and this is what my

brows and lashes look like with makeup


every night i have been applying a

keratin treatment just to help nourish


hairs and this is apparently going to

help make the results last


Lash lift Perth

So the therapist told me it

should last about four to six weeks

depending on your lash cycle as for the

prices for lash lift.

The yumi lash lift and tint costs 80.

80 singapore dollars and for the brow

lamination it’s 100.

I feel like this is actually pretty

cheap compared to like

other places especially in l.a where

they do like the umi

lash lift and brow lamination i think

they charge about

150 dollars per service this is like usd

so i feel like

last chapter is pretty affordable now if

you’re interested in either of these

treatments you can literally just google

yumi lash lift or brow lamination

and your area because there’s lots of

salons that’s trained

in this and have that product so i think

it’s not gonna be too hard

for you to find a salon near you but

yeah overall i love the results highly

recommend it

because you saw my short itty bitty

lashes now you can actually see them

and apparently that kardashians use this

sort of lash lift

solution so if it’s good enough for them

it’s good enough for me and that’s it to

this episode of best in beauty hope you

guys have enjoyed it

don’t forget to check out some of my

other episodes and click subscribe

you know you want to i’ll speak to you

guys next time bye