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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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How is a cosmetic tattoo different from a regular tattoo?

How is a cosmetic tattoo different from a regular tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

Different types of cosmetic tattoo like eyebrow tattooing and microblading are very similar, but not 100%. Tattoo, permanent makeup, micropigmentation, microblading – these terms are commonly used to describe the procedure for applying pigment under the skin. It’s literally a cosmetic tattoo.

The main goal of permanent makeup is to make a suitable shape of the eyebrows, lips or arrows, which will look as natural as possible. Let’s see how a tattoo differs from a regular tattoo. Should I just settle for an eyebrow tattoo?
Difference Between Tattoo and Tattoo Equipment

Cosmetic tattoo Perth and tattooing are two different procedures. For work, equipment of different capacities is used. When tattooing, you do not need to paint over large areas of the skin; working with such a machine will only spoil the result due to excessive skin injury.

Induction machines are not used for tattooing, and rotary machines are different from conventional tattoo machines. The induction machine does not pierce, but pierces the skin to inject the pigment deeper. That is, a tattoo machine will not work to make neat and natural eyebrows in hair or powder technique. But the power of the tattoo machine is not enough to make a full-fledged tattoo. Therefore, it is important to use separate devices for these procedures.

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

Difference in pigments: after the cosmetic tattoo, the eyebrows will not be blue.

Another key difference is in the pigment that the craftsmen use. Tattoo artists use paints for work that will last for a lifetime, they consist of mineral components, so they are almost not excreted from the body. But they can change the shade due to harmful components in the composition or exposure to UV rays.

Microblading specialists use pigment from organic ingredients that are excreted and last no more than two years, depending on skin type and other factors. The tattoo of the eyelids lasts the longest, the arrow will not come off completely, but the pigment will brighten. Over time, you can change the color and shape of your eyebrows. And it’s not so easy to get rid of a tattoo, laser removal is required, and to lighten a tattoo, a special tool is often enough – a remover. The microblading pigment is specially designed to gradually become lighter, as a result, the eyebrows will still look natural. And an eyebrow tattoo over time, the tattoo will look ugly, as if someone drew eyebrows with a very bad pencil.

That is why it is important to carefully choose a permanent makeup master, so that he does not give you a real tattoo, which then changes in color, and it will be difficult to remove it without consequences. Healing time To create a tattoo, the pigment is injected to a depth of up to 1 mm, and for a tattoo – from 2 to 3 mm. Therefore, permanent makeup is a less traumatic procedure, healing is faster, within 7-10 days. A regular tattoo is much more painful and takes longer to heal. If you do not follow the rules of healing, scars may remain in general.

Of course, you need to choose exactly permanent makeup, and contact the masters who deal with this particular procedure. Otherwise, the result may be unexpected, especially after a few years. The tattoo should look good from the very beginning until the next correction: just lighten a little, and not radically change the shade.

Tattooing and eyebrow tattooing are not the same thing, be sure to check with the master in what technique he works.

How to dilute cosmetic tattoo pigment for great results

How to achieve the perfect pigment texture for eyebrow powder tattoo? It is necessary to use a special diluent – a diluent. The product will reduce the concentration of pigment so that it looks as natural as possible on fair skin. We figure out how to dilute the pigment for tattooing, whether it is possible to use water, chlorhexidine or saline.
What should be the thinner for tattooing

The diluent should ideally match the pigments you are working with. Pigments consist of a dry coloring matter and a liquid base to create consistency. Usually, manufacturers choose glycerin for the base – the pigments are creamy, easy to apply, do not penetrate deep, suitable for any tattoo technique.

Diluents for pigments usually contain glycerin and additional components (eg water, isopropyl alcohol, amino acids, extracts). The manufacturer’s pigment base matches that of the tattoo thinner, so it’s best to use the same brand of pigments and diluent.

But if you don’t have a suitable diluent on hand, use another brand of generic diluent. Just do not need to experiment with water, chlorhexidine, saline. There is a big risk that the pigment will delaminate during the process. Do not take risks and change the formula of the pigment, the result may be different from what you want!
How much thinner to add if the pigment is too thick

The need for a thinner may arise for a beginner tattoo artist who feels that the pigment does not lay down very well. Usually beginners face two situations: the pigment is too liquid and the pigment is too large.

If the pigment is too thick, add thinner, approximately 1-2 drops per 8 drops of pigment, and mix thoroughly. Follow the instructions and add more thinner if necessary.
But in no case should you try to dilute the dried pigment, it can no longer be used in work! In general, in tattoo training, masters tell you how best to dilute the pigment in order to get an excellent result. For example, the tips of the eyebrows will need more thinning because the skin is very thin in this area.

School of permanent make-up uses AS company pigments and MAGIC WATER pigment thinner. The composition of the diluent is identical to the liquid base of the pigment (sterile water, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin). The thinner can also be used to work with pigments (including inorganic ones) from other manufacturers that have a similar base.

Lightening the pigment is also required for lip tattooing so that the contour looks natural with a beautiful transition. The clarified pigment creates the effect of light spraying – which is what is needed for a natural tattoo.

How to make lighter a permanent makeup tattoo

Permanent makeup is a great way to make your eyebrows look better than they really are. But sometimes it happens that the final result is darker than originally planned. There can be many reasons: the wrong shades are chosen, improper care during and after healing. In any case, you can lighten the permanent makeup Perth tattoo, and we will tell you how to do it.

When Do You Need Cosmetic Tattoo Lightening?

Immediately after the cosmetic tattoo procedure, the result will look darker and brighter, do not worry, after healing, the eyebrows, lips or arrows will become lighter. Therefore, first you need to wait for complete healing, this may take at least a month.

Some recommend breaking the rules of tattoo care so that the pigment “falls out” a little in the process. But you are taking a serious risk, in which case the eyebrows can become seriously inflamed, and the pigment can fall out extremely unsuccessfully and leave bald spots. Although the master tried to achieve maximum naturalness while working, you spoiled the result with improper care.

Therefore, take care of your eyebrows according to the rules. Read about it in our article “Crusts after eyebrow tattooing – is it normal? Care Tips. After a month, you will be able to evaluate how suitable the tone turned out to be.

Another reason to look for a way to lighten a tattoo without unpleasant consequences can be a change in image. For example, you dyed your hair in a light shade and now dark eyebrows do not look at all. Of course, in this case, something needs to be done with the eyebrows.

How to lighten a cosmetic tattoo without unpleasant consequences

There are various folk ways to lighten eyebrows after tattooing: the use of hydrogen peroxide, castor oil, salt procedures. But the most effective option is to contact the tattoo master who performed the procedure.

We do not recommend using folk methods to lighten the tattoo. Hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, iodine can cause serious burns and damage capillaries. Especially strongly we do not recommend using a solarium or sunbathing to lighten the tattoo. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the skin, so sunbathing is dangerous. Be sure to use sunscreen!

The only safe way known folk is the treatment of the surface of the skin with castor oil. But this will take a lot of time, at least a month of daily eyebrow treatment with castor oil. This method is safe because castor oil also contributes to the intensity of the growth of your eyebrows. But keep in mind that castor oil will not give a strong lightening effect. But you can try! Just be sure to first check if you have an allergic reaction to castor oil.

The best way is to contact a permanent makeup Perth master. There are several ways to lighten a tattoo. The choice of method depends on how serious the changes are required. Lightening by 1-2 tones is easier to do than to radically change the shade, but this is also real.

Lightening tattoo with body pigment. The master introduces a shade much lighter on top of your pigment in order to achieve visual harmony. This is one of the most popular methods. Using a special eyebrow corrector. This method is suitable for those who have an unwanted undertone at the eyebrows. Concealer neutralizes purple or blue-gray undertones. Using a special remover. It is able to lighten the tattoo slightly, and more noticeably. The remover removes pigments of any color, saturation is reduced by extracting the pigment from the skin. laser removal. The laser beam breaks down the pigment, which is eventually removed naturally from the skin. But after the procedure there will be slight redness, which will gradually disappear completely. But complete removal will require several procedures.

The master himself will choose the best method for your case. Therefore, it is important from the very beginning to carefully choose a tattoo master who can solve any problems and keep beautiful eyebrows for many years.

Ah, Ombre! Ombre eyebrow tattoo – what is it.

In the world of cosmetic tattooing, new sophisticated techniques are constantly emerging to improve permanent makeup of the eyebrows. Microblading is a classic, but you’ve probably heard of microshading and ombre eyebrow tattoo. Isn’t it the same thing? Let’s figure out what ombre eyebrow tattoo is and how it differs from other procedures.

Ombre eyebrow tattoo in Perth, or Ombré Shading, is a smooth transition of color that adds depth and saturation to the eyebrows. Usually, the ombre technique is associated with hair coloring, but ombre shading is gaining momentum in tattooing. Tattoo artists perfect this procedure so that the finished result looks as natural as possible. That is why ombre tattooing is beginning to replace classic microblading.

Who is ombre eyebrow tattoo suitable for?

In general, everyone who is for natural beauty. It is also ideal for those with oily or sensitive skin types. Unlike microblading, the chiseled technique will not look “blurry” on oily skin. The bottom line is that the color transition is obtained from light to dark. The darkest will be the ends of the eyebrows. It will turn out just the effect of light makeup, the eyebrows are neatly outlined with a smooth transition.
Microblading, powder eyebrows or ombre: which is better

Microshading, powder brows and ombre are similar techniques. The master applies one pigment with dots, the final shade depends on the density of the location of which. Microshading and powder coating are essentially the same thing, the difference is in the shades of pigments. Microshading produces more defined, defined brows, while the powder version is preferred by those who want a softer, less noticeable result.

Ombre is also applied with dots, but here two shades are used to achieve a smooth transition from light to darker at the ends of the eyebrows. In microblading, pigment is applied in strokes that mimic hairs. But for owners of sparse eyebrows, strokes will be noticeable upon close examination, so microshading, powder eyebrows and ombre are considered more interesting and natural techniques.

If you follow fashion trends, then choose an ombre eyebrow tattoo! You can try to combine several techniques. For example, apply microblading strokes at the beginning of the eyebrows with a light shade, and use the dot technique to form the arch and tip.

Ombre eyebrow tattoo preparation and procedure

It is important to come to the procedure well rested. 48 hours before meeting with the tattoo artist, you must not take anything that can thin the blood. In no case should you drink alcohol, painkillers and other drugs that can give such an effect.

The procedure can take from 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the chosen technique. The master will apply an anesthetic 20-40 minutes before the start of the procedure. During the application of the pigment, you may feel slight discomfort.

Post-Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo Care

Skin care after applying permanent makeup is the same for any technique. Within 10 days you need to protect your eyebrows from getting wet. Therefore, you need to abandon fitness and makeup for the healing period. Otherwise, even a little sweating can worsen the crusting process.

The first day the master will recommend using an antibacterial ointment. And after about 2-3 weeks you will see the result and you can apply for eyebrow tattoo correction.

The result will remain for 6-12 months. Then you need a refresh to update the tattoo. To keep the result as long as possible, avoid using laser, chemical peels and creams with retin-A or glycolic acid. And of course, protect your skin from UV rays.

So, ombre eyebrow tattoo is a great option for creating natural and thicker eyebrows. Remember that well-groomed eyebrows are the key to flawless style.

Cosmetic Tattooing Perth

Light lip tattoo – what is this tattoo technique?

Previously, “kayal” lip tattoo was called a contour eyeliner, antimony was originally used in the East. So they began to call the procedure for creating a natural lip tattoo Perth, because it turns out to achieve maximum naturalness.

Light kajal (or light lip tattoo) is a permanent makeup procedure, the essence of which is the application of light pigments over the upper and lower lip. As a result, the lips look fuller. A light kayal is usually used as the final part of a contour or watercolor lip tattoo to add expressiveness. But you can ask the master to make you only a kajal to add plumpness to your lips.

Masters of permanent makeup are partly artists. It was from the artists that they borrowed this technique. The effect of lip augmentation is achieved through the play of shades. Different colors manage to correctly place accents to give volume to the lips. Since now all attention will be on your lips, others will not notice small facial wrinkles. Light kayal lip tattoo is a wonderful way for visual rejuvenation. Masters of permanent makeup know how to create a visual illusion that catches the eye!

To whom a light kayal lip tattoo is suitable or not suitable.

But you need to figure out who the light kayal lip tattoo is especially suitable for. Not every lip shape can be approached with this technique without contouring or watercolor permanent makeup.

Suitable for owners of lips with a clear contour, without asymmetry. In this case, the light kajal will look great! But if there are even the slightest flaws: asymmetry, roughness, strongly lowered corners of the lips. In such cases, a full-fledged permanent makeup is needed, a light kayala will not be enough.

If you did a classic tattoo half a year ago, and now you want to add volume to your lips with a light kayala lip tattoo, you need to make sure that the previous makeup was done with high quality. Therefore, first sign up for a consultation with the master, so that he looks at the past work and considers the details of the correction.

So first you need to decide: do you want to not change your lip color (to get the most natural tattoo possible) or do you want to add saturation to the color, make a full-fledged permanent makeup. You can make a tattoo in the form of bright lipstick, add mother-of-pearl or use pastel shades.

That is, if you want to get rid of serious defects, then it is better to do a full-fledged permanent makeup. In this case, the light kayal lip tattoo will look losing.


Be sure to read the contraindications! It is not always worth doing permanent makeup for health reasons, sometimes it is better to postpone or exclude this procedure.

With diabetes mellitus or oncology, such procedures should generally be abandoned. During pregnancy and lactation, you should also not get a tattoo. With SARS and other colds, it is better to postpone the procedure. If there is herpes on the lips, wait until it completely disappears.

Tattooing can provoke the appearance of herpes, so a few days before the procedure, you need to drink antiviral drugs. Otherwise, herpes can affect the result of the tattoo.

What pigments are best for natural tattooing.

You should understand how tattoo pigments work. Most paints contain iron oxide, due to which, over time, the shade becomes greenish or bluish. Remember what old tattoos look like!

Therefore, it is important that the permanent makeup master uses safe plant pigments that will not spoil the tattoo over time. Alina Shakhova’s pigments are organic in composition. Therefore, recovery after the procedure is easily tolerated, without edema. Most importantly, the shade is uniform and after a year does not go into a green tone, but simply dissolves over time.

For light kajal lip tattoo, to create the effect of plump lips, you need to choose a pigment shade slightly lighter than the natural skin color. Only with the right choice of color will it be possible to achieve the perfect result!

Lip tattoo Perth

What’s in store subsequent to getting cosmetic tattoo inked?

Don’t know the very thing’s approaching your direction, or might want to prepare? On the off chance that you’ve booked in to get your eyebrows inked or are pondering finishing them you might be having an apprehensive outlook on the interaction. It’s totally considered common to have nerves about finishing a corrective strategy… Pretty much consistently I have young ladies coming into my studio who are restless about the methodology as well as apprehensive about how their foreheads will look a short time later.

Any expert restorative tattooist will provide you with a decent once-over of what’s in store before the strategy, however assuming you’re going back and forth or having a REALLY stressed outlook on the thing will occur with your temples, here are the best three things that I accept are valuable:
1-Your temples will look hazier toward the start. No, you will not have pitch dark eyebrows until the end of time… however, you can anticipate that the shade should look more obscure after the meeting paying little heed to how light the shade I’ve decided for your tattoo, the shading will constantly look extraordinary to begin with. This shading will blur decently fast, so you will not need to stand by lengthy for the ideal shade to appear.

What amount of time does this require? You can anticipate that your foreheads should be that more obscure shade for the initial 2-5 days. Which normally relies upon your skin type/shading. It’s very like the more obscure impact you get in the wake of getting your eyebrows newly colored Just give it a couple of days and it ought to clear up and be fine!

2-You can’t wet your foreheads for 7 very fast days.
It might seem like ages, yet your wonderful temples will be worth the effort… Likewise, 7 days will fly by! I guarantee. Presently, not getting your eyebrows wet doesn’t imply that you need to go seven days without showering however it implies seven days of keeping your face (and this generally implies your hair as well) from any type of immersion. Indeed this implies you have a reason to go home for the seven day stretch of from the rec center… also, no sun baking all things considered!
I as a rule suggest that clients wash their hair the day preceding their arrangement, to abstain from getting your face wet while shampooing… Yet! Your temples are likewise an astounding reason to proceed to visit the stylist for a victory Not just will you have new, water free eyebrows, yet you’ll likewise have astonishing hair as well!

3-Last however not least: Trust, Enjoy the interaction and Be Patient!
While your foreheads will look astounding, they may not immediately look model commendable. This is on the grounds that this is a semi-long-lasting make-up system! You skin will require time to mend and conform to your new look. So it might require some investment, however with a touch of persistence and adhering to the directions of your restorative tattooist, you’ll have truly flawless foreheads instantly.

Assuming you might want to find out about what befalls your foreheads post arrangement, I’ve added this outline that I give every one of my clients after they have had their temples inked. This will give you more knowledge on what’s in store after the method.

permanent makeup & cosmetic tattoo

Will I Bleed During my Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment?

This question is most certainly one of my main 5 often clarified pressing issues, so I needed to share some knowledge so that you’re more ready and not so frightened as well!

The response is YES. In all likelihood you will drain somewhat… yet the vast majority just drain a minuscule sum. The draining generally emerges as sweat like spots of blood or just lymph emerging from your skin.

There are a lot of justifications for why individuals drain from this strategy and a lot of reasons that will decide the amount they drain. A few reasons include:

Skin surface

Prescriptions that you might take

Taking blood thinners

Way of life decisions like eating regimen and liquor consumption

These elements can affect how much draining that might happen the day of your method. Therefore you should plan for your arrangement by adhering to the directions that are given during your underlying interview. These rules help to guarantee that you’re limiting draining and making the treatment (and results) turn out best for you!

Regularly Asked Questions about Blush Lips

The “new” quickly developing treatment that everybody is discussing it.

Over the recent years, I have seen a tremendous expansion in clients mentioning this treatment. Dissimilar to the more established types of lip inking from 10 years prior, the lip becoming flushed tattoo is a new, current type of getting your lips inked yet, still make them look regular.

I regularly get posed a ton of inquiries about become flushed lips, thus I figured it would be useful to responds to the absolute most normal inquiries that I get, and ideally get you eager to attempt this AWESOME strategy.

So what is a blush lip tattoo treatment?

Become flushed Lip tattoo it’s a type of a semi-super durable restorative inking cosmetics, that improves the shading and state of your normal lips. This type of inking has developed progressively famous throughout the most recent couple of years because of its low upkeep and lovely outcomes. Not at all like the more established types of lip inking from 10 years prior, lip becoming flushed tattoo is a new, present day type of getting your lips inked, that gives a more regular looking outcome.

How Long does a Blush lip tattoo last?

Become flushed lips can give you the more full lip impact that can endure anyplace between 3-5 years relying upon the power of the shading that you are needing to have applied.

What are the advantages?

One of my number one advantage of this treatment is that it can help trust in ladies who might have flimsy, pale or scarred lips. Frequently a treatment is enabling for individuals who have had wounds to their lips or mouth that left them with scars, as it can reshape their lips and totally change their look.

Would I be able to have this technique assuming I have lip fillers?

Indeed! Lip fillers aren’t an issue by any means, notwithstanding, assuming you have as of late put lip fillers you really want to hang tight for 3 to about a month till the fillers settle prior to proceeding with become flushed lips.

Lips Straight after the technique, shading actually blurs up to 60%.Lips Straight after the system, shading actually blurs up to 60%.
Lips Straight later. Shading will blur up to 60%.

Would you be able to make my lips greater?

This it’s really one of the most widely recognized questions I get and I think it even merits a Blog post all alone, yet I can say, Yes and negative. Indeed, it will give you definition, shape and shading which eventually gives you the greater lip look, in any case, with become flushed lips we can’t tattoo over the line of your regular lips, so assuming that you are worried about lip volume, perhaps we really want to include a little lip filler with everything else.

Does it hurt?

You’ve nibbled your lip previously, haven’t you? Whenever you chomp your lip you experience some aggravation, however become flushed lips it isn’t so agonizing by any stretch of the imagination, a greater part of clients who have gotten a blush lip have said the torment is a measly 3/10. So it’s truly not so terrible, particularly when we add a touch of skin desensitizing cream.

Would anybody be able to have this treatment?

Like some other type of semi-restorative inking, a discussion is expected to get to your reasonableness for this strategy, you can book a meeting on the web here, or you can email me at: mentioning an online counsel.

Is there a personal time?

Lips can recuperate amazingly quick, you will have an inclination that your lips are totally mended in somewhere around 7 days, in any case, it can take more time to 5 or a month and a half to have your lips completely mended and prepared for a final detail meeting if necessary. Straightforwardly after the system, it’s very normal to have a minor to gentle expanding for the initial 24 to 48 hours, additionally the shading will seem more splendid, blurring more than up to 60% in the initial 7-10 days.

Mended Lips

Ideally, this helps share more data about getting a blush lip technique! Assuming you have some other inquiries concerning getting your lips inked, if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and email them to me at and I will joyfully reply and even add them to this blog!

Before I go only one final update! At the point when you are looking for somebody to do this treatment for you, do your examination and pick shrewdly! Since this is a genuinely new surface level treatment there are a great deal of organizations offering arrangements to tempt individuals to come to them and finish their lips… But as a general rule these “subject matter experts” are not generally prepared fittingly and have insufficient experience, which is the reason you should do your examination by perusing their Google surveys, looking at their work on their site and Instagram to guarantee you the best outcomes.

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