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Lip tattoo: pros and cons, types of permanent lip makeup

Lip tattoo: pros and cons, types of permanent lip makeup

Lip tattoo Perth

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Lip fading, asymmetry, any visible flaws or a desire to emphasize the shape and shade of the lips lead many women to get a tattoo. Indeed, modern techniques of permanent lip makeup make it possible to achieve an amazing result that can combine aesthetics and solving problems of camouflaging problems. But is everything as simple as it seems? In this article, we will analyze in detail the lip tattoo procedure, revealing all its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a modern lip tattoo?

The modern interpretation of lip tattooing is fundamentally different from the procedure performed in the 90s, when the procedure was just beginning to appear in the country. It began to be called permanent makeup and hides a new principle of implementation.

Permanent lip makeup is performed with a permanent machine, the needle of which injects the collected pigment into the upper layers of the skin no deeper than 0.8 mm. Pigments created specifically for permanent makeup act as a dye. Such pigments have a lighter structure, include natural ingredients, give a good sediment and are well absorbed by the body without causing allergic reactions. The main advantage of such pigments is their gradual and smooth exit from the body.

Modern tattooing includes several techniques. Each of them has advantages and gives a different effect. Let’s consider each.

Lip tattoo with shading An unchanging classic, with which the lip tattoo service appeared. As before, it is performed with a contour and shading or without a contour. The difference is only in the pigments used and their shades. Most often, natural and soft shades are used for a neat look of the lips. But at the request of the client, any colors can be chosen: from pink tones to deep red and burgundy.

Lip tattoo with shading is an ideal option if you want to hide any defects in the lip area, correct their shape, visually add volume, and correct the shape of the upper or lower lip. The technique creates an emphasis on the lips, making them bright and juicy.

Lip tattoo Perth

The technique of combining pigments for lip tattoo Perth to create volume. In fact, the technique does not differ from lipstick and is, to a greater extent, marketing in nature to attract customers. However, it is considered independent and is performed using several shades, which allows you to make a shade or work out an area to correct it.
The technique of 3D and 6D lip tattooing works on volume, but will also help hide minor imperfections. Shades can be any, but the main thing is that they are combined with each other and allow a smooth transition.

Lip Blush tattoo

The TOP technique that most women choose. Despite the fact that the watercolor technique or Lip Blush tattoo is not intended to hide flaws, it does not lose its position. And all thanks to the fact that watercolor lips or lip Blush tattoo look as natural and natural as possible. Shades of pigments are predominantly nude, light, pastel and delicate. The result of this technique allows you to get juicy, slightly voluminous lips. They do not focus on the face, but at the same time look fresh. The effect does not burden, does not force to apply cosmetics on the face. But at the same time, the lips look neat and well-groomed.

cosmetic lip blush tattoo
Pros and cons of permanent lip tattoo
Why is lip tattooing so popular? Because:

The procedure completely replaces decorative cosmetics. Pencil, lipstick, gloss will no longer be needed, as the lips always, under any circumstances, remain in color. You can eat, drink, rub and even bite your lips (after they are completely healed), the color and shape will remain the same as the master made them.
After the procedure, minimal care is required. And it will take no more than one week. With proper care and professional performance of the technique, you can expect a beautiful effect.

Lip tattooing corrects the shape well, visually changing the shape, hides imperfections and is considered the safest way to change lips. Moreover, if desired, you can combine tattooing with lip augmentation with Botox or hyaluronic acid, provided that the correct sequence is observed. We wrote about this earlier in the article.

The skin heals quickly – in 3-5 days. Due to the superficial introduction of the pigment, the skin is minimally injured. With the use of an anesthetic, the procedure is painless.

But there are some cons that you should be aware of:

The procedure requires professionalism. It is very important to turn to a good master who feels the depth of pigment injection. If the pigment is injected deeply, it is likely to migrate to a different shade. Also, the procedure will be quite painful.

There is a possibility of herpes formation after the procedure. Tattooing is not the cause of the occurrence, but it may well become its provoking. You can read about it here.
There may be swelling after the procedure. But with the right procedure, it will pass on its own in a few hours.

The professionalism of the master is very important. Equally important is the level of the studio in which the procedure will be performed. The quality of the anesthetic, the pigment, the equipment, the level of sanitation, as well as the choice of pigment shade to obtain the desired image, matter here. Only if you follow all the rules and requirements, you can get a beautiful and correct result.
Procedure contraindications

Another important disadvantage is that lip tattooing has contraindications. All of them are standard, which apply to all types and techniques of permanent makeup: cancer, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, AIDS, HIV, epilepsy, poor blood clotting. Specifically, herpes can be attributed to tattooing – if it progresses on the lips, you can not perform the procedure until it is completely healed.
How is lip tattoo done?

The principle of the procedure is the same regardless of the chosen technique. Only the development of the sketch matters. Before the contouring technique, the master first applies it with a pencil, and after the form is approved, he passes the contour with a machine. Next, shading is created by “scratching” the skin. The pigment is applied superficially. The master independently chooses the depth and, as a rule, it does not exceed 0.8.
At the end of the procedure, a healing agent is applied to the lips, a consultation is held regarding skin care and preventive measures.
Does lip tattooing hurt?

Lip tattoo can be attributed to a painful procedure. Therefore, the procedure is always performed with the use of an anesthetic gel. Without its use, tattooing is not recommended, therefore the service is contraindicated for pregnant women and breastfeeding young mothers.

With the use of an anesthetic, pain is minimized. But the pain threshold and individual feelings of the client matter. In some cases, even when using an anesthetic, a girl may feel a slight tingling during the tattooing process. Plus, the procedure takes no more than 1.5 hours.

Lip tattoo

How and how long do lips heal after the lip tattoo procedure?

The period of healing and restoration of the skin is 25-28 days. Of this order, 5 days are allotted for complete healing of the skin, the rest of the time for its restoration, pigment settling, the formation of the final result under external influence and the reaction of the body.
In the first 2 days, the shade will be brighter due to the outgoing lymph during the first day, as well as its drying on the skin of the lips. Already on the 3rd day, peeling and a desire to scratch the tattoo area are formed. On the 5th-7th day, the peeling disappears, the shade of the lips becomes lighter, more natural.
After the first week, the recovery process continues. And although the skin has already healed, it is very important to follow the recommendations of the master regarding the care of the tattoo.

Lip care after tattoo

Care of the zone is quite simple. In his period follows:

The first day and / or as the lymphatic fluid appears, wipe the area with baby wipes or a cotton swab dipped in Chlorhexidine.
During the first day after the procedure, avoid hot drinks, kisses, salt and sugar.
Drinks should only be drunk through a straw.
If there is a herpes infection in the body, immediately after the procedure, start taking Acyclovir or other antiherpetic drugs.
Constantly moisturize the skin with the help of the product. The master will indicate how to smear the lips after the tattoo – these recommendations should be followed.

What can not be done after the lip tattoo procedure?

During the entire period of skin recovery, steam it. Therefore, a long stay in the bathroom, as well as visiting the pool, saunas and long-term active sports are prohibited. If carelessly treated, the result will be uneven distribution of pigment, the formation of spots and a change in shade.
For 7 days, swim in the pond until the peeling has completely converged. Until the skin has healed, swimming in water bodies threatens with infectious diseases that will directly affect the result. At best, the pigment will take on spots or float. At worst, you will need to see a doctor and take antibiotics.
Sunbathe and stay in direct sunlight for a long time. Ultraviolet has a negative effect on the pigment, because of which it can burn out. Tanning the skin slows down the process of its regeneration. The result will be a faded color or its change. When going out in the sun, it is necessary to apply a cream with a high SPF on the skin, try to create a shadow on the lips with a wide-brimmed hat.
Consume alcoholic beverages. Alcohol-containing drinks reduce the immune system, which prolongs the healing and restoration of the skin.

Lip Blush tattoo

How to prepare for a lip tattoo?

Preparing for a lip tattoo Perth is just as important as the aftercare. But the preparations themselves are standard, we wrote about them in our article on how to prepare for permanent makeup.
In short, before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude the intake of alcohol, antibiotics, blood thinners for several days before the procedure.
In the presence of a herpes infection in the body (if a herpes wound appeared at least once in life), immediately after the procedure, start taking antiherpetic drugs.
4-5 days before tattooing, any cosmetic or cosmetic procedures that tend to damage the skin of the lips (peeling, scrubbing) should be excluded. Immediately before the procedure, it is necessary to remove makeup from the lips.
How long does a lip tattoo last?

The duration of the effect depends on the chosen technique and the shade of the pigment. In general, the period is 1.5-2 years. But depending on the saturation of the color, the effect may vary. For example, watercolor lips last about a year and a half due to the use of nude tones, which, when the pigment comes out and becomes lighter, quickly become invisible. Tattooing in this technique may last less, as it uses less pigment.
Lip tattoo using the shading technique can last about 3 years due to a more saturated shade that brightens more slowly.
Also, the duration of the effect is influenced by lifestyle, individual “behavior” of the body and even habits. Lip biters should expect a reduction in the duration of the lip tattoo effect.
Correction matters. If it is carried out 30-45 days after the first session, the effect will last, as the correction helps to saturate the lips with color.
What are the consequences of lip tattooing and how to avoid them

The main negative consequence of lip tattooing, which occurs most often, is the formation of herpes after the procedure. Permanent makeup does not cause herpes, like infection (an exception would be the reuse of a disposable needle, if this is practiced by any masters or studios). But it induces the virus that is in the body, due to the stimulation of nerve endings located in the area of ​​the lips. The result is the formation of a herpes vesicle, and later – wounds.
Less often you can observe swelling of the lips, allergic reactions. This indicates the unprofessionalism of the master, the use of low-quality pigments or, in rare cases, the body’s reaction to them.

How to avoid?

2-3 days before and 2-3 days after the procedure, take antiherpetic drugs, provided that you know about herpes in your body. Such drugs do not allow the infection to manifest itself and will not affect the result of the tattoo. Important! The procedure is prohibited if herpes has already appeared. It is necessary to wait for the complete restoration of the skin and only then perform the tattoo.
Contact only professional masters in the studio with a good reputation and a lot of positive feedback. We do not recommend trusting craftsmen working at home or craftsmen who have just started their career. The choice of a studio should be based on a wide portfolio and real reviews that can be read on various thematic sites and forums.

Is permanent lip tattoo makeup worth it?

Definitely worth it if you want to enjoy a beautiful lip color without using lipstick, gloss and pencil. Tattooing will perfectly hide cyanosis, visually correct asymmetry, and add volume to the lips.
But the procedure will reveal all the benefits only with strict observance of the rules and recommendations regarding preparation for the procedure, skin care after it, as well as the choice of the performer.
Trust the work of professionals and discover all the advantages of permanent lip makeup.

Lip tattoo is the most recent excellence pattern to quietly improve your lip shape and shading without the utilization of injectable fillers. The skin all the rage is sensitive so it’s essential to investigate this treatment preceding getting a lip tattoo to safeguard your sulk against undesirable side effects.

Lip tattoo has been reconsidered to fit the cutting edge wants of ladies needing to improve the regular shade of their lips inconspicuously. Lip Blushing is a procedure intended to make a delicate, kissable wash of shading that reestablishes totality and shape to the lips. This treatment when performed by an accomplished expert is exceptionally delicate and has insignificant vacation of around 3-5 days.

There are a couple “need to be aware” tips to set up your lips for this treatment that will guarantee lovely outcomes.

Dry/dried out lips, a no-no!

It’s unrealistic to play out a lip inking treatment on dry/dried out or burned by the sun lips. The skin all the rage is now a touchy region and on the off chance that they aren’t in great condition preceding your arrangement we can’t continue with the treatment. Guarantee your lips are smooth and hydrated before your arrangement by tenderly shedding any dead skin develop a couple of days preceding your arrangement (a sugar clean or delicate rub with a face material is extraordinary for this) and utilize a sustaining lip salve with SPF routinely.
lady putting-lipstick
close-up-photograph of-lady with-pink lipstick

Do you experience the ill effects of mouth blisters?

Clients that convey the mouth blister infection (regardless of whether you haven’t had a breakout for a really long time) need to go to protection lengths to guarantee they don’t encounter a mouth blister flare-up following a lip tattoo. Lip inking is incredibly invigorating to the lip region and will in all likelihood cause a mouth blister discharge up without hostile to viral treatment.

Dread not, you are as yet qualified to have this treatment and there are extremely advantageous ways of limiting the possibilities of a mouth blister happening from a lip tattoo. It is generally exhorted that you examine these choices exhaustively with a drug specialist or GP a week or 2 preceding your arrangement. We propose getting some information about an over the counter drug “Famvir”. You needn’t bother with a solution for this and it tends to be exceptionally successful whenever required no less than 2 days preceding your lip tattoo treatment. We have recorded the realities sheet for this medication underneath anyway consistently heed the guidance of a drug specialist or GP prior to beginning any medicine.

Famvir (mouth blister) realities sheet
For smokers…

Smoking in the underlying long stretches of recuperating, straightforwardly following a lip tattoo will cause undesirable discolouration and may likewise expand your possibilities of contamination. It’s essential to focus on briefly stopped cigarettes for somewhere around 3 days following a lip tattoo treatment to help the recuperating system and guarantee wanted outcomes. Nicotine substitution patches might help you through yet on the off chance that you can’t see yourself waiting for this measure of time you may not be an appropriate possibility for a lip tattoo.

Lip inking can look astounding and assist with reestablishing totality, balance, and complimenting shading to thin, lopsided or maturing lips. To accomplish the best outcomes consider the tips above and your lip tattoo will be definitely worth the venture.

Lip tattoo Perth

What is Cosmetic Tattooing and Who’s it for?

Restorative inking is a semi-super durable corrective methodology. It includes inking specific color into the upper layers of the skin. This method can be utilized to improve the eyebrows, lips, eyes, scalp and that’s just the beginning.

What is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyebrow inking has a few techniques, for example, microblading, hair stroke or “plume contact” all which utilize a little sharp edge or fine needle to make a “hair-like” look. Ombré or powdered eyebrows are made with a tattoo machine and have a more obscure completion to resemble temple cosmetics. We additionally offer a mix of the two styles called 3D or Combo foreheads. Eyebrow inking last between 1-2 years, which takes into consideration acclimation to shape, thickness and situation as our face changes with age. Need to know more – read our top to bottom article “Our Signature Eyebrow Service”
Mix Eyebrow Tattoo – Before and After
Blend Eyebrow Tattoo – Before and After
What is Eyeliner Tattooing?

Eyeliner Tattooing is utilized to upgrade the lash line and give a waterproof choice to supplant standard eye cosmetics. A semi-extremely durable color is utilized for this treatment so changes can be made as our eyes change over the long haul. These colors are likewise exceptionally planned and are ok for use on fragile/delicate skin. Eyeliner tattoos might keep going for a couple of years prior to requiring support medicines. For more data on our treatment – read “Our Signature Eyeliner Service”
Modest Flick Eyeliner Tattoo – Before and After
Modest Flick Eyeliner Tattoo – Before and After
What is Lip Tattooing?

Lip tattoo medicines can go from a lipstick shade to a delicate blushing tone that reestablishes regular totality and shape to the lip line. It tends to be utilized to make an extremely unpretentious improvement assuming the fitting tone is chosen. This is a well known lip inking technique normally called a full lip stain or lip become flushed tattoo. It might likewise most recent quite a while prior to requiring upkeep medicines.
Lip Blush Tattoo – Before and After
Lip Blush Tattoo – Before and After
Is Cosmetic Tattooing Suitable for You?

You can for all intents and purposes supplant the majority of your day to day cosmetics routine with the assistance of corrective inking medicines. These administrations upgrade your elements, causing you look fresher and to feel more certain. It is appropriate for ladies of any age (18+) and has many advantages and applications:

It tends to be utilized to cover alopecia/going bald, to reproduce eyebrows/lash line lost following chemotherapy or different circumstances.
It is ideal for women with sensitivity to traditional cosmetics items.
It is great for occupied ladies with brief period for their cosmetics schedule.
It is an incredible answer for women with a flimsy hand or unfortunate vision.
It is a phenomenal answer for ladies with dynamic ways of life who exercise or swim consistently that observe cosmetics items smirch or vanish.
Much of the time, it tends to be utilized to address a past eyebrow tattoo or to disguise scars.
It can cure scanty or lopsided eyebrows, the battle of lopsided eyeliner and lopsided lip lines.
Assuming you need certainty while putting on cosmetics or you basically don’t need the requirement for cosmetics at any point in the future, then superficial inking is for you!

Restorative inking is protected and agreeable when given by an accomplished expert. Likewise with any surface level system it is ideal to talk with an expert to acquire the best exhortation on your appropriateness for these medicines.

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Lip tattoo Perth