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How to make homemade paste with honey, sugar, and lemon to do sugaring at home

How to make homemade wax with honey, sugar and lemon to do sugaring at home


Sugaring at home with homemade honey wax is one of the best ways to say goodbye to hair and show off healthy, beautiful, clean and hydrated skin.

We explain, step by step, how to make sugaring paste to depilate with sugar and honey , an ideal, economical and ecological option for waxing at home. You will love the results!
One of the most effective and healthy natural methods to remove hair from the roots of the body is waxing with honey, sugar and lemon , three products that, separately, stand out enormously for their infinite properties in the world of beauty and hair. skin and hair care.

For example, based on honey we can hydrate the lips and based on sugar we can exfoliate them. Lemon, for its part, is excellent for removing blemishes and oil from the face .

Let’s see how these three ingredients work together on the skin and what benefits home waxing has .
Benefits of homemade hair removal with honey and sugar

One of the greatest benefits of waxing at home with natural products is that, apart from being cheaper, it is less invasive for the dermis.

More benefits of waxing with honey and sugar:

Honey has the ability to open pores and facilitate the total removal of hair and dead cells.
This homemade wax slows hair growth , as it has the power to weaken the strength of the hair follicle.
Honey has countless benefits. One of them is that it protects and hydrates the skin when it acts on it.
The wax that is made of honey, sugar and lemon stimulates cell regeneration.

In short, any homemade hair removal is controllable, simpler, cheaper and healthier. Therefore, we say a resounding yes.

Ingredients to prepare homemade sugaring wax

Homemade wax (ingredients)

White sugar (200 grams)
Natural juice of 1 lemon
3 tablespoons of water
4 tablespoons of honey (1/4 part of a cup)
5 drops of essential oil (optional)

As you can see, they are simple ingredients that you have at home or that you can buy at a very low cost.
Preparation of the honey and sugar wax

To make a great honey wax for hair removal, follow these steps :

1. Put the ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat . The temperature should never exceed 43 degrees Celsius.
2. Stir constantly so that all the elements are well integrated, forming the depilatory wax. Do this for at least 15 minutes . Do not allow smoke or bubbles to form in the process.
3. When the mixture turns a caramel brown color and tone , turn off the stove, remove the pan, and let the wax cool for 10 to 15 minutes. If you have very sensitive skin , let it sit for 20 minutes.
4. Do a sensitivity test and touch the wax before applying it to your skin. You just have to confirm that it does not burn. Now comes the last step, waxing!

Tip : Remember that you are handling a hot liquid element. Be very careful in its preparation!

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The texture of the honey wax should be light, creamy and without lumps. It is very important to constantly stir the mixture with an orange stick while it is on the fire.
How to wax at home with honey and sugar wax

Before any hair removal at home, either with commercial wax or homemade wax, you should clean and exfoliate the skin. Do this a day before. In this way you favor a safe and effective hair removal.

Now it’s time to see how to apply a homemade sugaring wax to your skin:

1. Wash and dry the area well before applying the wax. A good trick to protect the skin and improve the effect of the wax is to apply cornstarch or talcum powder in the area to be waxed and remove the excess.
2. Do a sensitivity test of the wax, it should not burn or scorch the skin.
3. Apply the honey wax with a wide and flat wooden stick, always with rapid movements in the opposite direction of hair growth . You must cover the area (or areas) to be waxed well. With small touches make sure that it has stuck well to the skin. In this step, leave a margin of the wax strip of 5 centimeters without sticking to the skin , it is the area that we will pull to pull out the hair.
4. When the wax is dry, stretch the skin up well and pull the wax off. The movement must be dry, light and very fast to avoid irritation and pain!

One option to remove honey wax from the skin is to stick a piece of cloth over it and pull in the opposite direction to hair growth.

If there are still little hairs, apply the wax again and repeat the process. If they are few, you can remove them with a tweezers.

Tips after sugaring

When you have waxed all the areas, wash the depilated area with a little warm water and mild paraben-free soap to remove any remaining wax and – very important – use a moisturizer.

If you don’t have a moisturizer handy, you can apply a little coconut oil or olive oil.

How often do you have to do sugaring?

One of the biggest advantages of waxing is that the hair weakens after each session and the new hair will come out finer and in less quantity. These home waxing sessions should only be done when the hair has grown at least one centimeter.

You can use this honey wax on: legs, arms, knuckles and hair on toes, sideburns, mustache and chin.