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How to properly wax your legs so that they are soft

How to properly wax your legs so that they are soft

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Something that women hate after waxing is feeling our legs full of pinned hairs, little balls of irritated skin and even worse, some cuts. Ouch!

This happens as most women do not know how to wax properly, resulting in unnecessary injuries to their body. Leave this in the past and start enjoying a smooth pair of legs.
What do you use to wax?

Some girls prefer wax and others shave with a rake. Wax makes your legs look great after several applications, but when you use it for the first time, you may not see exactly the results you intended. There is also the pain factor.

If you prefer to use a razor to wax, make sure it is new. Never use an old rake as it may be dull. Do not leave your rake in the shower, as the water can wear out faster.
Create an exfoliation routine

Before you wax, it is important that you have washed your legs with hot water, which will help open your pores and make the hair removal process easier.

The secret ingredient to having smooth legs after waxing and avoiding buried hairs is to exfoliate your legs before waxing. You can use a homemade scrub or one that you have bought in a store, the most recommended is that it has no odor and its ingredients are natural and moisturizing.

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A sugar, coconut oil, cocoa, coffee or sea salt scrub is indicated for this task. Try to avoid scrubs with ingredients that can irritate your legs with aromas such as orange, grapefruit, roses or papaya.

The scrub will help soften the beauty of your legs and remove dead skin, helping you avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.
During waxing

Always use something as a barrier between the hair and the razor. Never use the rake directly on your skin, as this will cause machismo damage to your skin and increase the chances that you will end up cutting yourself.

Opt for special foams for leg waxing or use your conditioner as if it were a cream and then shave, you will see how it is even easier to remove your hair.
Care after waxing

Once you have finished waxing or sugaring, you should keep your legs hydrated and fresh to avoid irritation or dryness on your skin. Remember that after having waxed the skin becomes much more sensitive, so you should protect it using moisturizing creams.

You can choose a cream that has ingredients that help you relax your legs while hydrating them, such as cucumber, aloe vera or chamomile creams. Try to avoid adding creams that have artificial perfumes and scents such as roses and tropical fruits.

Another alternative to keep your legs hydrated and soft after waxing is to use coconut or olive oil to return that feeling of moisture to your skin, and as an extra they will end up looking brighter.